Blogging Strategies

There are two blogging strategies a company can take when blogging for SEO purposes:

1. Thought Leader Approach

Provide the highest quality content and aim to be recognized in a specific space.

2. SEO Keyword Approach

Provide generic, however unique, content filled with keywords that is specifically aimed for search engines.

Blogging Strategies

Benefits Of Blogging Strategies

Examples of the first approach include and the blog. Examples for the second include the blog.

The benefits to the first blogging strategy are that you can become a thought leader in a space, will create a loyal following, and will rank highly in search particularly because of the inlinks into your website. Being a thought leader in a space is invaluable and can have a number of benefits (potential partnerships, etc.).

The cost is that this blogging strategy approach can take years to become successful, will require enormous time and sacrifice, and there is no guarantee that you will be established as a thought leader. There is a large opportunity cost with this strategy.

The benefits to the SEO Keyword blogging strategy are primarily that your website will rank highly in search engines for the keywords you are targeting. The negatives are that you will not necessarily be a respected “influencer” in the community in which you are involved in.

There isn’t a right solution for any company, and it is important that you consider both blogging strategies. In fact, depending on which industry you are involved in, you may differ in strategies. For example, with the company I founded, 2minuteGMAT, the GMAT prep online space had a number of content websites focused on GMAT strategies. Because I believed this would be a difficult space to become a thought leader in, I focused on the SEO Keyword Approach. In general, you should only take the Thought Leader Approach if you believe you have insight that has not been offered elsewhere online.

Regardless of which of the blogging strategies you decide to take with blogging, understand that the influential members in your space can substantially benefit your company, so it is important to identify these individuals and build relationships with them.