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Building Legitimacy & Awareness in Bloomio’s Blockchain Crowdfunding Platform

Bloomio was looking for a PR company to help it grow the legitimacy and awareness of its blockchain-backed crowdfunding investment platform. This is how we delivered these objectives.


The Client

Bloomio is a startup investment platform connecting individual investors with promising startups that are raising funds.

The Switzerland-based company prides itself on bringing the highest financial standards to startup investment. A key part of this is its use of blockchain technology. Bloomio issues tokens to investors, which represent startup shares, ensuring complete transparency for all parties.


The Challenge

The company had just closed a successful investment round and was moving to gain further scale when it approached Publicize in 2018. It was therefore looking at ways it could build brand awareness and legitimacy with both private investors and startups. This meant a crypto PR strategy had to be designed that would reach different sets of audiences.

Another challenge was Bloomio’s bootstrapped approach to marketing. This meant the team didn’t have the capacity to engage in much PR or promotional activity. The team were therefore looking for a crypto PR service that would act as an extension to their own marketing efforts.


The Solution

In order to help Bloomio reach different audiences we developed a crypto PR strategy that would target media outlets across a range of industries. This included media outlets within the blockchain community, the startup investment platforms, and the fintech and crowdfunding industries. In addition to this we also targeted tier-one media to achieve maximum exposure.

We then developed different narratives within each of these industries’ media, to support Bloomio’s objectives. Here are some of our campaigns:

– Questioned the effectiveness of both the VC model of funding and older crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter within the startup press. By challenging establishment thinking around funding we were able to build awareness of Bloomio’s unique value proposition within the startup community.

– Built Bloomio’s credibility as a secure investment platform in the crowdfunding press. We did this by highlighting many of its innovative features, including its use of experts to scrutinise startups that apply to enter the platform. This helped to build confidence in Bloomio’s investment platform within the crowdfunding world.

– Demonstrated to the fintech and blockchain community the ways in which Bloomio is challenging the traditional investment industry. This included thought pieces on the factors holding back crowdfunding and the challenges of running a blockchain company, and how Bloomio is overcoming these.

– Used tier-one media to argue why startups need cooperation with and access to corporations, rather than just financial investment. This helped to raise awareness of Bloomio’s value added services such as its resource sharing partnerships with large corporates.

We achieved media wins through a number of means. This included thought leadership articles from its CEO, crypto press releases and topical news stories.


The Results

This multi-industry approach has resulted in a large number of earned media wins, across outlets that cover each of the above industries. This has enabled us to reach each of Bloomio’s target audience groups. Here are just some of the publications Bloomio has been featured in.

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