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ThirdEye Data

Read How We Helped ThirdEye Data Make a Global Mark With Its Digital Footprint


The Client 

ThirdEye Data started working with us in August 2018. The startup database company had goals of becoming an established, big data solutions startup operating across continents.

Fast forward to 2020, Silicon Valley based ThirdEye Data is now operating globally. Third Eye Data’s analytics services serve customers in the USA, Canada, Israel, the Middle East, and multiple European countries.

The company’s vision is to become a one-stop-shop for data sciences, engineering, and analytics.


The Challenge

From the beginning, it was clear that a comprehensive SEO strategy was necessary.

ThirdEye Data needed to grow its client base as well as stand out from competitors within the AI and big data industry.

However, accomplishing these objectives with ThirdEye Data’s modest PR and marketing budget in-house was out of the question for them.


The Solution

Our two-pronged approach focused on getting ThirdEye Data excellent media coverage in AI and big-data specific publications whilst optimizing its site to gain higher places on Google SERPs. 

As a consequence, we carried out the following database PR tactics for ThirdEye Data:

– We used our press relationships and outreach to get ThirdEye Data valuable coverage in industry-respected publications like insideBIGDATA, DevOps, Analytics Magazine, TechHQ.

– We needed to audit ThirdEye’s current SEO performance and identify opportunities for them to move up Google’s SERPs with keywords and media wins related to AI and big data solutions.

– Worked towards building ThirdEye Data’s online credibility and site authority by writing guest articles demonstrating its industry expertise.



Our media strategy has resulted in ThirdEye Data being featured in 14 articles in highly-respected niche publications that are prominent in both AI and big data. In addition, we accurately targeted the right audience for ThirdEye Data and grew its ranked keywords by 8%. 

ThirdEye Data saw the value in keeping Publicize involved in its long-term PR for big data strategy and upgraded from a Basic to Growth package in August 2019. In order to take its PR results to the next level.

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