Freddie is a Forbes journalist covering the London start-up scene & the odd bit of the developing world

Freddie is a Forbes journalist covering the London start-up scene & the odd bit of the developing world

-Written by the Publicize team

Publicize was very proud to host a webinar by Forbes Journalist Freddie Dawson on August 5th. Freddie’s insightful talk covered how startups and smaller businesses can manage their PR by focusing on press releases, pitching, and finding the right journalists and publications.

Freddie delved into the intricacies of contacting journalists and included useful tips on making that all-important first contact, using tools like Twitter or Linkedin to stand out from the crowd. Freddie also explained the “dos” and “don’ts” when it comes to writing a pitch email.

We were also interested to hear how you can strike the correct balance between information and intrigue with an email subject line. Freddie was clear on stressing that we have to catch a journalist’s eye without sounding too much like clickbait.

Finally, the webinar discussed the importance of researching both the publication and journalist – making sure that your press release is both newsworthy and right for them. Freddie also included invaluable writing tips for those creating their own press releases, and expressed his views about the benefits of exclusives versus embargoes, and other methods of outreach.

We all took away important and practical advice from the session, and had a privileged glimpse into a journalist’s working day. Thanks from all of us, Freddie!

To listen to the recording, click here: Instant Meeting 2015-08-05(000057.000-003452.000)(1)

Every month Publicize hosts webinars with leading media thought leaders, and prior speakers include former VentureBeat writer, Rebecca Grant. In our webinar, we provide a 30 minute lesson on media and PR topics, and then evaluate each of our clients. We limit these events to 15 people to ensure the best experience possible. Our aim is to provide expertise and information to help clients gain the most relevant media advice for their specific needs. If you would like more information, please email us at