FindBroadband launches to simplify business broadband one search at a time

By Conrad Egusa 19 May, 2017

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FindBroadband, a startup founded by serial entrepreneurs Nick ReeseDuane Anderson, announces this week its launch. The company, aiming to get enterprises up and running with broadband, aims to make the process of businesses finding broadband easier.

Tearing up the Broadband Industry

With FindBroadband, businesses can insert all their addresses – including prospective sites – and export a CSV file in seconds that will give them all the information. This saves them the hassle of having to contact 30 different providers to see what coverage is available at each address. Larger chains with multiple locations can use this data to leverage contract negotiations with telecom companies.

Businesses don’t have time to call every provider in their area so FindBroadband whittles down the list to just the providers that have coverage nearby – even in measurements of feet. This saves clients time and money.

Said CEO Nick Reese, “We help mid-market and enterprise level customers with many locations streamline their telecom costs, as well as assisting small ‘mom and pop’ shops find the best service in their area.”

A Gap in the Market

According to its Reese, FindBroadband is the first and only service that gives access to a Application Program Interface (API) to clients searching for Internet availability at an address level now.

FindBroadband was founded by serial entrepreneurs Nick Reese and Duane Anderson. Nick earlier spoke at the White House about what it takes to build a business in a tough economy and also co-authored a book with New York Times best selling author Chris Brogan. FindBroadband is based in Austin, Texas.


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