Introducing Publicize Zero: Making PR a Reality for Businesses of All Shapes and Sizes

By Conrad Egusa 4 October, 2016

Publicize PR

We at Publicize have something very exciting to announce – the launch of our brand new platform, Publicize Zero. With tons of cool features available for free and extras for our clients, the Publicize Zero platform is a reimagining of what PR could be – what PR should be.

Meet the developers

At Publicize, we have a talented team of developers that have built Publicize Zero from the ground up. Led by our head of product Xander Kahle, the rest of the team is made up by John Restrepo, Belmar Santilla, Christina Haas and Mauricio Correa.

They have spent the last several months beavering away on what we are proud to show off as Publicize Zero. As a platform, Publicize Zero is designed to advance Publicizes mission to turn traditional PR on its head. The new platform has free offerings for businesses that want to execute their own PR plans, while also boasting a range of unique features for Publicize clients.

Xander, who is an honors graduate from U.C. Berkeley, says the new platform has advanced PR beyond its traditional – i.e. expensive, time-consuming, exclusive – parameters that have made PR so unattainable for untold numbers of businesses.

Xander says, “Publicize Zero is the latest in a line of innovative PR solutions that we have rolled out this year. Publicize has moved beyond standard PR by making our services available to everyone at no cost. We aim to help businesses secure the meaningful media coverage they need.”

What’s the goal?

Media is in many ways a part of every person’s DNA, and recognition is something that all people look for. Yet when it comes to the media, the majority of people look at it as a black box. Our goal with Publicize Zero is to create a platform that any person, regardless of their location or prior success, can use for free to grow their profiles and media awareness.

At the end of the day, Publicizes aim is not to be a ‘PR firm’. Rather, we want to change the way businesses – whether they are in technology, fashion, entertainment, or any other industry – approach the media.

What features are available?

Well, free users can enjoy do-it-yourself campaigns; an extensive tech reporter contact list and a press kit with a hyperlink that can be sent to interested journalists. Additionally, free users can also learn more about PR from educational articles, videos and webinars, and they can also talk to a 9am – 5pm EST chat support from a dedicated PR professional.

Paying clients are, of course, not left unattended. Clients can now enjoy an interactive campaign management center which helps deliver 100 per cent transparency into the journalists that are being contacted, with real-time updates when responses are received. There are additional opportunities to win meaningful media coverage and a PR impact page which showcases all media results. Lastly, clients will also be able to speak to a dedicated account manager, and also enjoy a range of other cool perks.

In the media

Publicize has been featured in the media a number of times, making appearances in high ranking publications such as Forbes and Techcrunch, among others.

To the future

And what about the future? Well, Xander has this to say, “The product team will soon focus on incorporating machine learning and predictive analytics into our platform. These will resolve the most pressing needs faced by both our clients and free users.”

“This includes providing analytics into the return on investment (ROI) of the media results obtained through campaigns and also suggestions on which journalists to contact. The latter part will be based on a combination of any given announcement key variables and which journalists and media outlets have shown interest in the past.”


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