High Quality Backlinks

High quality backlinks are arguably the most important factor in your SEO ranking. As an important note, when pursuing high quality backlinks you should not pay for backlinks, which can get you easily flagged on Google Search, nor should you sign up for services which provide backlinks in exchange for you providing links on your website.

You should never pay for a service to provide backlinks to your website. These backlinks will not only not benefit you, but will most likely get your website blacklisted on Google Search.

High Quality Backlinks

The following are 4 ways you can receive high quality backlinks

  1. Reach out to influential websites and blogs and request an exchange of backlinks
  2. Create high quality content and organically receive backlinks
  3. Post backlinks on related forums, content websites, and other websites

An important note is that a critical part of backlinks is the actual wording being linked. For example, if you are looking to improve your rankings for the keyword “GMAT questions”, it would be much more beneficial if a website linked to yours with the keywords “GMAT questions” as opposed to your company name, for example “Kaplan Prep.” This is why your domain URL can be important; when a website links to your company, they are also improving your search ranking for a keyword.

Reach out to influential websites and blogs and request an exchange of backlinks

At its most basic, this requires:

1. Collecting a list of relevant websites and blogs (Ex: If you were creating a GMAT product, you would look for websites involved in the GMAT and MBA space.)

2. In fact, in your first email I would begin by introducing yourself, your company, and writing that you are open for collaborations in the future. Build a relationship. You can ask to exchange links at this point, however if you are emailing an influential person I would not recommend this in your first email. This is an effective way to receive high quality backlinks.

High Quality Backlinks

Avoid Advertisements Such As The Above

Although in general this is a win-win situation, speaking as someone who has received many of these emails and has ignored many, it is very important that you:

  1. Not appear to be spamming
  2. Make an effort to personalize the email

Particularly with influential websites, creating a personal email is critical. It would help to provide as much social proof as possible.

If you are a more established website or blog you will have more leverage in this process, as opposed to if you are just starting a website. Depending on the success rate, you may want to adjust your message.

In general, the biggest mistakes that individuals make are having the messages appear like spam. To solve this issue, it may be a good strategy to email the proposed message to yourself and imagine you are on the reciprocating end.

Create high quality content and organically receive high quality backlinks

This strategy tends to be the hardest approach to follow because you not only need to create high quality content, but then promote it as well. In fact, some bloggers often complain that they spend more time promoting their content then actually writing it. When creating high quality remember this rule:

Amateurs write for themselves, professionals write for others.


Remember who your audience is and then provide interesting, relevant content that they cannot find elsewhere.

Post backlinks on related forums, content websites, and other websites

One of the first you can do to promote backlinks is to refer to your website on signatures on emails, forums, or content websites. Understand that a number of popular websites, for example Wikipedia, have a nofollow on links, and therefore backlinks from these websites have no value to search engines.

The key to this is identifying online locations where your target market is likely to visit. For example, if you are targeting younger entrepreneurs, you may want to visit Youngentrepreneur.com. By joining this community and adding a link to your signature when answering or making posts, you can create an backlink to your website.

Remember that although receiving backlinks may take a long time when you begin, at a certain point a compounding effect will occur. Receiving high quality backlinks takes time. Be patient and persistent.