How To Find A Marketing Consultant

A year ago a ran across an old email I had written to an entrepreneur who had asked how to find a marketing consultant. Whether you are looking for someone to join your core team or looking for a consultant, I hope you read the following.

How To Find A Marketing Consultant

Email On How To Find A Marketing Consultant

(Individual’s Name From Email)

I wanted to follow up on a question asked about how to find a marketing consultant. I hope my thoughts help:

1. I am a big believer in the 80/20 rule; particular with colleagues and consultants (if you find the right person, their output will be multiples of what the majority of people would accomplish.) The difficulty is finding the right person, and from the people I have worked with and had very successful relationships with (I’ve never hired a marketing consultant but I feel this implies for consultants in most fields), they tend to have certain characteristics that show up very quickly.

a. They tend to always exceed your expectations.

b. They are professionals; their work is their passion, not just their job.

c. From my experiences, and this may not occur with everyone, the consultants that I most respect have always responded quickly to emails (most likely because they enjoy what they do). The ones that have not worked out with have always lagged, and over time the delays add up.

2. In specific regards to a marketing consultant, I think you should look for someone who has a specific strategy (the priorities will differ, but at the very least it should include SEO, Blogger outreach, Social Media- Facebook and Twitter, Social News Website- Digg and Reddit, content generation, and potentially more traditional media).

For each area, the tasks should be broken down to the simplest form. Each task should be actionable and measurable.

3. I would look for someone who has experience leading a marketing initiative. They should be able to refer to examples of their work and how those examples may relate to your company and it’s marketing strategy. You may want to be wary of individuals who only have experience working with companies/institutions with very large brands. As an example, a peer of mine heads social media at a university in California. It is a very different experience if you are marketing a company/institution with a built in base of thousands of loyal fans (alumni, etc..), as opposed to marketing a new company where there is no brand recognition.

4. Most importantly, I think you should find someone who can give you a specific, very detailed plan of action and then you should put in place ways to hold them accountable.

I hope this helps.