How To Market To Students

Not many know how to market to students. This has been well documented. Student’s attention is limited and well sought after. It wouldn’t be much of a stretch to say that students are only focused on partying and sex.

Regardless, there are a number of benefits that companies can reap if they successfully market to students. Students belong to tight knit communities and have a significantly higher rate of sharing. Students can also become long term customers. Knowing how to market to students is arguably more important now than ever before.

How To Market To Students

Companies can successfully market to students. The following list discusses how to market to students:

1. Gather a list of student leader emails at certain organizations at universities relating to the business you are promoting (Find the email of the President or leaders of the organization). This information is easily accessible from university websites.

2. Email the individuals with a free product or guide that involves your product (or another guide that you have); this would ideally be a strong resource but not be too in-depth. It should be helpful but not overwhelming. Ask the student group leader to kindly forward to the other members in the group. If you provide an enticing enough product, students will share it. The question is not whether students will share, but rather is the product compelling enough.

3. Brand awareness and customer loyalty for your product could thereafter grow from the outreach. After this, focus on one action point you would like the student to take (signing up for an email newsletter, becoming a fan of your Facebook Page, etc.). What you’re looking to do is receive permission to contact the student again.

4. As an additional note, you may also potentially mention that students could be offered a discount code to your company.

How To Market To Students

The above is effective in marketing to students because:

1. It is not difficult to gather the emails of students leaders, create an email, and broadcast this to hundreds of students. This is not time intensive.

2. If students enjoy the product or guide, you will build goodwill towards your company. An additional benefit can be adding links to your other products throughout the guide, so it could potentially result in some revenue.

3. This would bring brand awareness to the company you are promoting. If you receive permission from the student to contact them again, you can ask for other students they would recommend contacting.

You could use this same strategy for the upcoming years as well by contacting student leaders and you wouldn’t need to change the guide or product. Some companies, Apple comes to mind, do a great job of tapping into the university market.

Marketing to students may be notoriously difficult, but there is a great amount of profit that can be made. The few who know how to market to students have realized this.