How To Post On Yahoo Answers

“I have seen hundreds of visitors from Yahoo Answers continuously visit websites every month.”

If you are going to be marketing your website online, one of the best places to begin is by responding to questions on Yahoo Answers. The reason why this is effective is that by answering questions that are related to your company’s focus, you not only provide an answer to the individual’s question, but your answer can also be seen by a number of individuals in the future. This is particularly true because Yahoo Answers ranks very well with search engines.

How To Post On Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers allows you to post your URL link in your answer. Here are a few notes on writing on Yahoo Answers:

1. Your URL in your answer will not by hyperlinked until you reach Level 2. You can reach this level by answering questions and receiving “Best Answers”.

2. Do not make it obvious that you are solely promoting your company. To make it less obvious, in the “cited” section you should include another website. Also, depending on whether you posts are flagged, you may not want to include your URL in your signature in all of your answers. You may only want to include the URL in the “cited’ section.

3. Most answers often have 0 votes and therefore even having 1 vote will give your answer the “Best Answer.”

4. Understand that this content strategy takes time to develop, but if you are persistent then over time you will see continuous visitor traffic coming from Yahoo Answers.

I have seen hundreds of visitors continuously visit websites every month because of the time a company spent initially adding content to Yahoo Answers. Hopefully the above article can help people address how to post on Yahoo Answers.