Our Principles When Contacting The Media

1. We respect the media and will treat journalists as we wish to be treated. The majority of our team has backgrounds in journalism.


2. We will not spam the media. We will not follow up with a reporter more than 1 time if there is not interest.


3. We will never use mail merge and will never automate any outreach when writing the media.


4. We do due diligence to make sure that the companies we represent are reputable. We refuse clients who don’t meet our standards.


5. We will never provide an exclusive to more than 1 publication at a time. If a timeline exists for an exclusive, we will notify a news organization of this.


6. If we are sending out an embargo for an announcement, we will not presume a reporter has agreed to this.


7. Journalists change beats at certain times. If you are being sent a release about something you do not cover, please let us know and we will make sure this is stopped.


8. Your feedback, both positive and negative, means a lot to us. We spend a great deal of time thinking about changes you recommend.