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Calgary, AB, Canada

Company Description

Ostays (previously O Hotel Suites) is bridging the gap between the sharing economy and the traditional hotel. We take inventory from condo owners, investment pools, and property developers, and we brand, list, manage, and market our owners inventory across multiple platforms. We have also built many integrations to provide the same experience as a hotel - car service, room service, concierge service, and more.

Company Mission is standardizing the sharing economy by providing a brand and a platform that will allow any income property to operate like a hotel by leveraging existing micro services within sharing economy.

Founder/s Bio/s

Alnoor Kassam is a serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and business coach. He took Diners Club from $2M in ARR to $60M in ARR. He bought Hotel 5 for $11M and sold it for $32M after 18 months and started Smart Seed a seed fund in Vancouver, Canada. In 2007, Alnoor ran for Mayor of Calgary and placed 2nd, following this he retired and coached businesses in Mexico. He returned to Calgary in 2014 and started O Hotel Suites. Alnoor is the CEO and Co-Founder of Ostays.

Bijan Mawji is a serial entrepreneur and technologist. He is a Good Works Houston Fellow (KKR, PWC, EY) and TNBT Fellow (Hootsuite, Omers, Telus). He is the co-founder and director at,, and has had many successful exits in the past. He joined the Ostays team in 2016 as the CTO and Co-Founder.