Today we announce some news we are very excited about: Publicize has raised its first round of funding from the venture firm GITP Ventures, which was founded and is led by Michael Puscar.

When Publicize was first started, many looked at it as a PR firm, but this has never been its purpose — rather, our aim is to disrupt a very large PR industry. We believe that every day hundreds of new companies emerge throughout the world in a number of different verticals, and that today’s existing market of PR services does not properly serve these companies. We’re looking to build solutions for these startups of tomorrow. This past month we introduced a new platform, and we’re continuing to integrate more software into the company. Every 3 months we feel Publicize’s solutions for clients grow 30% stronger, and we’re excited to continue to add more value to our clients.

We’ve had multiple parties approach us about investing in Publicize, some with very strong reputations in Silicon Valley, but there was never any doubt in my Partner Eddie or my mind that we would go with Michael Puscar.

Partner Eddie Arrieta, Investor Michael Puscar, and CEO Conrad Egusa.

Partner Eddie Arrieta, Investor Michael Puscar, and CEO Conrad Egusa.

Michael is an entrepreneur’s investor, he had earlier sold his 100+ person company to a private equity firm, and he understands what it takes to build a company. I can’t speak highly enough about my experience working with him, and I am very fortunate to have him as a friend and someone who I look to frequently for advice. Michael’s track record as an investor is unparalleled, and he has a network within the private-equity community that few can match.

Publicize has been a profitable enterprise from Day 1, but as we look to build out more software & as our team continues to grow (we’re at 11 members now and looking for more), we felt it was important to have the funding.

We want to send a many thanks to everyone for the support. We look forward to continuing to serve our clients, and to changing the way companies approach PR.

Best Regards,
Conrad Egusa