SEO Strategy

If you are lookng to implement an effective SEO strategy, there are seven words you should focus on. By using the words below, your SEO strategy will be ahead of 95% of companies online:

Focus on creating content with select keywords and on receiving high quality inlinks.

Unfortunately, and perhaps there is a reason behind this, SEO experts and consultants tend to confuse entrepreneurs and business owners by proposing a number of very advanced SEO strategies. Although these strategies may have an impact on your search rankings, what is most important is that you include content with select keywords and focus on receiving high quality inlinks.

SEO Strategy

Content with Select Keywords

If you would like your company to rank highly on Google for certain keywords, you will need to include the keywords often in your articles. Before you do this, you need to find out which keywords to use. Begin by visiting Google’s free search based keyword tool:

After you visit this link, put in some keywords that describe your website and data will appear with the number of monthly searches for each keyword and the competition for each keyword (determined based on the degree of competitiveness for ad placement).

From this, you will be able to determine the keywords to focus on in your website and blog posts. This is the first step in determining your SEO strategy. Before you choose the keywords to target, understand that one of the biggest mistakes that companies make is targeting the most searched keywords, which normally are the most competitive. This is not the strategy you should take at this moment. It is better to aim for less targeted, but still relevant, keywords, and over time aim for more competitive and sought after keywords.

As an example, if you are creating a GMAT product, you should not immediately aim for the highest trafficked keywords. For example: “GMAT Questions”. It would be a better idea to first aim for a relevant, however less trafficked keyword, for example “GMAT Reading Comprehension Practice Questions.” The reason is that although traffic may be lower for this keyword phrase, it will be easier to earn a high search ranking for this keyword.

At this time you should identify 3-5 keywords that you will use for your website. After doing this, begin incorporating each of these keywords in your blog posts. You should not use all of the keywords in each article; for each article you should highlight 1 keyword. To highlight a keyword, remember this rule:

  1. Include the keyword twice in the first paragraph
  2. Include the keyword once in all other paragraphs

Although you can include the keyword more often, this is a good rule to abide by and is easy to remember. Remember that although an SEO strategy takes time, you would be hard pressed to find a better return on your investment.

SEO Strategy

High Quality Inlinks

Inlinks are considered high quality if they come from websites in a related field and if they come from influential sources (sources that have received a high number of inlinks themselves.) There are 4 ways to gather high quality inlinks:

  1. Reach out to influential websites and blogs and request an exchange of links
  2. Create high quality content and organically receive inlinks
  3. Post inlinks on related forums, content websites, and other websites
  4. Create separate websites and blogs and link back to your own website (Questionable, but widely practiced and effective.)

An SEO strategy is not a dark art. An SEO strategy is critical to a company’s success and should be considered a part of your company’s marketing efforts.