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PR’s oldest truism still holds today: What others say about you is more valuable than anything you can say about yourself. The right kind of earned media, therefore, has a powerful effect on your business. 

At Publicize, we’ve spent the best part of a decade building relationships with tech’s most prominent journalists and reporters, ensuring our clients get that right kind of media coverage. We look closely at what makes your product unique to pinpoint the lists and reviews that will significantly impact your brand.

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Our Product Review Process

Take a look at our step-by-step process for getting the right kind of product endorsement for your business:

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    Strategy - We match your product with appropriate media outlets to target the industry influencers that will give the most impactful reviews


    Outreach - Our account managers use their strong media connections to ensure your product reviews catch the attention of your target audience

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    Impact - We take a data-driven approach to understand the impact of your product review, giving you measurable ROI on your earned media

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    Grow - We sustain the buzz created around your product review with timely social media posts and press releases to further highlight your achievements.

What makes our product review process special?

  • Reviews that shine a light on your product’s unique qualities. Earned media’s great, but earned media that accurately reflects your product’s strengths is better. We make sure that your product is reviewed by journalists that have specialized knowledge in your industry.
  • Candid assessments of the best lists for your product to be featured on. We’re not ones for sugar-coating opinions. Our account managers give honest feedback about where your product feature is best placed to maximize returns on your investment in us.
  • Statistical analysis shows your review’s actual effect. Getting your review is the start, not the finish. Publicize works tirelessly to bring your features to the attention of your warmest prospects, leveraging all your marketing channels to shout about your success.
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