Why is UBO making urban car owners lives so much easier?

City life waits for no one. Arriving late for a meeting or hospital appointment armed only with the excuse that you couldn’t find a parking space is unlikely to win you sympathy. While you can leave the car at home and jump on public transport, anyone who has arrived at an important business meeting sweaty and dishevelled after a trip on a packed metro knows that this is often not a viable option. The new UBO car valet and parking app eliminates the need to worry about parking and makes city driving hassle and stress-free

The densely-populated city of Bejing — with narrow streets containing more than 23,000 people per square kilometer — is at odds with intensive car usage. Parking spaces are scarce, and drivers are competing with 5.48 million drivers for 2.7 million registered car spaces each time they take their car into the city. Rather than waste hours stuck in busy traffic searching for free spaces, users can simply download the iOS or Android UBO app and drive their vehicle to a convenient Ubo service station. They will then be driven to their desired destination by an Ubo valet, who will park the car safely until it is needed again.

Once the car has been parked in one of Ubo’s 500 exclusive spots around the city, the app will immediately notify the user and send them photos of the parked car and recorded mileage. To ensure transparency, every valet is equipped with a GoPro-like camera and smartphone, so that Ubo’s entire process — from when they enter the car to when they park it and retrieve it — is recorded. The app’s geo-location features enable car owners to simply tap their phone when they require the car again, and one of Ubo’s certified valets will drive it to them directly.

Buying a car has become the cheapest part of vehicle ownership in busy Chinese urban hubs, with parking spaces in Bejing selling for as much as $160,000 — much more than the price of a small car. Ubo costs only $3 for valet service and $1 to $2 per hour for a parking space and also offers a flat monthly rate of $150. The company currently claims 10,000 active users, 65 percent of whom use it more than once a month. Ubo has just announced $900,000 in funding from HGDS Capital, bringing its total funding so far to $1.42 million.

Save hours of your life and always arrive in style with UBO parking and valet app.