10 PR Steps To Propel Your Startup Into The Mainstream

25 July, 2019

Every tech startup needs more than a great idea and a passionate team to ensure success. What they also need is credibility, legitimacy, and awareness. And effective PR can go a long way towards building these foundations.

Here at Publicize, we’ve worked with hundreds of early-stage tech startups, helping them onto a growth footing and into the mainstream with PR for growth strategies.

That’s why we’ve hosted a webinar on “10 PR Steps to Propel Your Tech Startup into the Mainstream”. During the webinar, we discuss the key PR steps that all tech startups can apply to their business to help propel them into the mainstream, including:

  • Building awareness in your industry
  • Finding your target audience
  • Creating legitimacy in the eyes of investors
  • Tailoring your messaging to your end customer
  • Selling your vision to the best talent

Check out our ’10 PR Steps For Tech Startups’ webinar below:

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contact shape