How To Create A Social Media Strategy In 30 Days

29 August, 2019

As a startup, you need to be creating and delivering top-quality, relevant content that will engage your target audience, establish your brand and drive your business.

Therefore you need to tailor your social media content to break through the noise, provide value to prospects and drive new business.

That’s why we’ve hosted a webinar on “How to Create a Social Media Startup Strategy in 30 Days”, which covers the following:

  • How to create an effective social media strategy that excites your audience and attracts new prospects
  • How to effectively use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram to drive engagement and leads
  • How to build a strong content calendar.

Check out our ‘Startup Social Media Strategy’ webinar below:

We’ve also put together the Social Media For Startups Toolkit that provides everything you need to know for your startup to grow its social media channels.

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