The Art Of The Pitch

28 March, 2019

Winning media coverage all comes down to the strength of your pitch to a journalist.

That’s why we hosted the webinar “The Art of the Pitch” where we discussed the do’s and don’ts of pitching to journalists, including:

  • The PR stories that journalists are interested in, and those they’re not
  • The most common types of pitches in the PR world
  • How to come up with pitch ideas of your own
  • How to write a compelling pitch
  • How to approach journalists the right way
  • What to avoid when pitching.

Check out ‘The Art Of the Pitch’ webinar below:

And if you want even more help in mastering the art of the pitch, then download our free Pitching to Journalists Toolkit and start writing professional standard pitches to journalists in minutes.

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contact shape