About Us

Conrad Egusa, a former VentureBeat writer, founded Publicize to offer cost-effective PR solutions to entrepreneurs priced out of a broken PR Industry.

Today we're different, but still the same

Publicize has grown into a bigger office and 25+ person team, comprised primarily of former journalists. We've diversified our service offerings and devised new solutions to fit a broader range of enterprise needs. But through it all, we've held onto our commitment to a flexible, cost-effective model that scales for entrepreneurs.

Publicize is a PR Solution for entrepreneurs,
by entrepreneurs

Publicize has deconstructed PR to its core essentials. Where traditional firms charge $10,000 or more per month (with mandatory six-month retainers), we provide the very best services, quickly, effectively, and efficiently, for as little as $600/month, on a month to month basis that recognizes the shifting needs of the innovation economy.