About Us

Publicize was founded in 2013 with a single mission: to provide high quality PR and media coverage to startups and entrepreneurs who were priced out of a broken PR industry.

Since we were founded, we’ve stayed true to our original mission, by helping hundreds of businesses win the media coverage and exposure they needed in order to grow.

We’re able to do this by approaching PR differently to legacy agencies. We don’t charge large retainers or simply send out press releases when you have something to announce. Instead, we’ve taken a transparent and modular approach to PR, where you only pay for what you need.

Our Culture

Although we’ve grown into a company of more than 70 employees and over 100 clients, we still like to consider ourselves a startup. This mentality runs through everything we do, from our continuous innovation to our anything’s possible attitude.

And being based in Medellin – Colombia, one of Latin America’s fastest growing tech and innovation hubs, we’ve been able to build a truly international team of PR experts. This includes writers, journalists, strategists and marketing specialists across more than 15 nationalities.

Our Expertise

We specialize in PR and communications for startups and growing businesses operating in tech verticals and other emerging industries. Our account management and creative teams are highly experienced and hold strong relationships with journalists, reporters and media influencers across a wide range of media outlets. This means we get results in the places that matter to our clients.

Meet the Team

  • Publicize Team Member Conrad Egusa Headshot

    Conrad Egusa

    CEO & Co-Founder
  • Publicize Team Member Erik Zijdemans Head Shot

    Erik Zijdemans

    Chief Operating Officer
  • Publicize Team Member Jennifer Poole Headshot

    Jennifer Poole

    Head of Client Acquisition
  • Publicize Team Member Sjoerd Martens image

    Sjoerd Martens

    Deputy Head of Account Management
  • Publicize Team Member Brian Levesque headshot

    Brian Levesque

    Head of Product
  • Publicize Team Member Diana Sanchez Headshot

    Diana Sánchez

    Head of HR
  • Publicize Team Member Jacob Crompton image

    Jacob Crompton-Schreiber

    Senior Account Manager
  • Publicize Team Member Luca Tofan image

    Luca Tofan

    Account Manager
  • Publicize Team Member Daniela Peña headshot

    Daniela Peña

    Account Manager
  • Publicize Team Member Santiago Cálad headshot

    Santiago Cálad

    Account Manager
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