How We’ve Grown Aardvark Compare’s Backlink Profile

AardvarkCompare needed a digital PR company to complement its SEO strategy. Read our case study to find out exactly how we’ve helped to improve crucial SEO metrics through earned media wins.

The Client

Founded in 2015, AardvarkCompare is now one of the leading online travel insurance marketplaces in the USA. Aimed at the over 50s and those with pre-existing medical conditions, its platform allows consumers to compare premiums and coverages from over 30 insurance plans. The end-to-end customer journey design means consumers can purchase the plan that’s best for them directly through the platform, saving both time and money.

The Challenge

Being an online marketplace, AardvarkCompare needed help improving its organic search engine results pages (SERP) positions as part of its SEO strategy. One of the most critical factors of this SEO strategy was to grow the website’s backlink profile in an organic and natural way. This, in turn, improves the domain authority of the client’s website, which will ultimately result in improved SERP positions.

Therefore, AardvarkCompare reached out to Publicize, to help it win earned media in news and trade publications, as well as other relevant and high authority websites. This outreach strategy helps to grow a website’s digital footprint and backlink profile, as most online earned media include backlinks into the website of the company that’s won the mention. Over time, this can have a hugely positive impact on a website’s search position rankings.

The Solution

As the objective was to grow the website’s backlink profile, the client services team developed a PR strategy aimed at winning earned media in relevant and high authority publications. Here are some of the ways they’ve achieved this:

– Leveraging the founder’s long and detailed backstory (focusing on both his successes and failures), to create intrigue and authority with his personal brand. This helped to get him accepted as a guest contributor on flagship publications including Entrepreneur.

– Developing unique insights into the travel habits of AardvarkCompare’s target market of over 50s, which appealed to niche publications in both the travel and senior press.   

– Monitoring trends within the travel industry, such as 2018’s spate of European airline failures, and offering expert comment and opinion to both the consumer and trade press.

The Results

Working alongside AardvarkCompare, our client services team have so far won earned media across a range of publications in the business, trade and consumer press. Here’s a selection of some of the earned media we’ve won for the client.

This has created natural growth in the referring domains going into AardvarkCompare’s website. In turn, this has helped to increase the domain authority score from 20 to 30 within the first six months of working with the client. And the objective for the future is to continue this work; to further grow the website’s backlink profile, domain authority, and ultimately its SERP positions.   


“PR today is, arguably, more important to a start-up company than it ever has been. The ability to share a message with a wider audience, whilst building critical backlinks, is of fundamental importance.

The world has changed – no longer should we wait until our product is ready for launch to tell the world. We need to communicate immediately. Publicize ‘gets’ the new world of Digital PR. Any founder who thinks that Domain Authority will be important in the life of their company would be well advised to talk with Publicize today. Had I known then what I know now, I would have begun work with Publicize in 2015 when we began building AardvarkCompare, rather than waiting until 2018. Lesson learned!”

AardvarkCompare’s Founder Jonathan Breeze

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