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Ready to Create a Video for Your Business?

Publicize offers a variety of video tactics to help your business achieve anything, from brand awareness to lead generation. Simply decide which video style fits your current need best, select the voiceover you’d like to use, and we’ll take care of the rest. This service is available for current Publicize customers with an ongoing contract. For more details on the timelines and requirements for each type of video, see below!


When should you use an animated video? 

Animated videos are perfect for companies that want to showcase complex products or services that can be difficult to explain. Animations are the most popular way to demonstrate how the product or service works, and can be used for website homepages, landing pages, social media pages, and/or YouTube channels.

Animation Style I: Iconographic
iconographic video example
This is the simplest animation style, which takes illustrated icons and animates them along to the story of your script. Iconographic videos are easy to turn around quickly and get your messaging across with a straightforward visualization.

  • Number of tactics: 1
  • Revision rounds offered: 2
  • Turnaround time: 3-5 days from the approval of script and storyboard

Animation Style II: Motion Graphics
motion graphic video example
This is a more complicated animation style, which takes abstract objects, text and other graphic design elements and puts them in motion. This adds a level of depth to the animations and is an extremely popular style for product explainer videos.

  • Number of tactics: 2
  • Revision rounds offered: 3
  • Turnaround time: 1-2 weeks from the approval of script and storyboard

Animation Style III: Cartoon
cartoon of people enjoying the outdoors, graph of price reports
This is the most in-depth animation style in which cartoon character images and objects are animated according to the story. Businesses that choose this option should be aware that it usually requires the purchase of cartoon images, as the cartoons are not illustrated in-house. Because cartoons are more difficult to animate, this option has the longest turnaround time but is worth the wait.

  • Number of tactics: 3
  • Revision rounds offered: 3
  • Turnaround: 2-4 weeks from the approval of script and storyboard


When should you use a live action video?

Live action videos are great for two purposes: corporate videos and product reviews. Both of these show off the people behind your business and the products you offer, giving your viewers a true glimpse into the brand.

corporate video example of Publicize
Corporate videos consist of organic content created and produced by a company, corporation or organization to show their team, behind-the-scenes of what they do, or simply provide visuals for their products. Today, the majority of corporate video content is hosted online, published on the company’s website and/or distributed through social media or email marketing.

  • Pay on demand
  • Revision rounds offered: 4
  • Turnaround time: TBD with client as per travel needs.

Product Review
example of product review video

If you have an audience that trusts you, you’ll be doing them a favor by reviewing products that they might find useful. Instead of having to figure things out for themselves or rely on written reviews, they can see your products in action and rely on your recommendation instead of searching elsewhere.

  • Number of tactics: 2
  • Revision rounds offered: 2
  • Turnaround time: Product shipments may take 4-6 weeks to arrive at our office for review; video production takes one week from the arrival of the product.


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