7 Binge-Worthy PR Podcasts to Check Out in 2020

By Mark Linsdell 24 February, 2020

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As the late, great Gil Scott-Heron once said, “the revolution will not be televised”.

And if the revolution is going to be on any form of multimedia content, it would most likely be a podcast.

Of course, I know Mr. Scott-Heron wasn’t predicting a shift from broadcast television to podcasting back in 1971. However, on the slim chance he was, he was certainly onto something.

Fast forward to 2020 and podcasts are well and truly part of the mainstream media furniture. For example, 144 million Americans listened to podcasts last year. Podcasts brighten up our commutes and have ‘revolutionized’ the way in which we learn new things. 40% of chart-topping podcasts are educational.

So, what does this all mean for PR?

With the right kind of podcast, you PR pros can learn a lot about honing your public relations skills.

If you’re not sure where to find these, don’t worry. I’ve collected seven of the best PR podcasts to check out in 2020. 

Let’s get into it.

Inside PR

Inside PR bridges the gap between public relations and social media. The show’s hosts are a trio of PR royalty:

  • Gini Dietrich, author of the Spin Sucks book and blog
  • Joseph Thornley, CEO of Thorney Fallis
  • Martin Waxman, PR and AI expert

Hosting from different corners of North America, the three industry veterans take a look at the state of the PR industry. They explore the weekly PR news and are occasionally joined by one or two guests. 

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, episodes have become a bit more sporadic. So, if any of the hosts are reading this, please come back soon!

On The Media

As I’m sure you know, a good PR professional needs to have their finger on the pulse on where the media is going.

With that in mind, I’ve included On The Media on this list.

Though it’s not a PR podcast by definition, OTM gives biweekly insights into how different media practices shape our world view. The previous stories they’ve looked at in the media include Russia’s alleged role in the US election, Trump’s impeachment, and the Harvey Weinstein case. 

The radio show and the podcast have both become extremely popular. The hosts Brooke Gladstone and Bob Garfield have got a core listenership of over 1 million listeners. 

The Loudspeaker

Ok, perhaps we’re cheating a bit here. 

However, I wouldn’t include this on the list if I didn’t think it merited a mention.

The Loudspeaker is Publicize’s own podcast. Every week, we look at the ways in which you can scale your startup using PR and marketing’s best practices. 

Eddie Arrieta, our Co-Founder and President, shares hosting duties with yours truly (I refuse to speak in the third person). We interview internal and external guests who are experts in each of their chosen topics. 

Take a listen here!

Young PR Pros

Ah, the joy of youth!

Young PR Pros is a podcast made for young, and young at heart PR professionals. 

Hosted by Kristine D’Arbelles, Julia Kent and Ross Simmonds, this podcast gives tips and advice on how to advance in your PR career.

Public Relations is an industry on the rise and to get a piece of the PR pie you need to be as prepared as possible. As a result, I would definitely recommend giving this a listen if you’re on the PR job hunt. 

Earned Media Rising

I see, the earned media rising!

No, this isn’t a Creedance Clearwater Revival B-Side, this is Earned Media Rising. 

Earned Media Rising focuses on the cornerstone of PR: earned media.

It’s a deep dive into the world of communications, marketing, and PR. Guests from leading brands and agencies highlight the best practices when it comes to earning publicity for your business. 

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, there hasn’t been a new episode since October 2019. Come back soon, guys!

PR Moments Podcast

This is one for the British listeners out there.

PR Moments is a series of life story style interviews with some of the leading thought leaders in the UK PR industry.

This is a great podcast if you’re looking for advice from PR professionals who walk the walk and talk the talk.

Think the Tim Ferriss podcast, but with PR pros and you’re on the right lines. 

Hanson and Hunt: The Talking Points Podcast

The dynamic duo Hanson and Hunt host our final podcast on this list – The Talking Points Podcast.

These two PR and Communications grandmasters go in-depth on the hot ‘talking points’ from:

  • Public relations
  • Social media
  • Corporate communications
  • Marketing

If you have any issues that you think should be covered, they even allow their listeners to pitch episode ideas.

Wrapping Up

2020 is set to be a big year for both podcasting and PR. 

If you want to drown out children’s screams on the subway while also learning some PR and marketing insights, you can’t go wrong with any of these podcasts.

“The revolution is podcasts”.

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