4 Reasons Why PR Backlinks Are Better Than Link Building Alternatives

By Iida Sirviö Published: 15 April, 2021 Last updated: February 17th, 2022 at 1:10 pm

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Anyone who has tried quality link building knows that it’s not easy. It can end up eating hours of your time with no guarantee of results. 

And even though it might be tempting to ignore this task, very few companies can afford to do so. Google still holds quality backlinks as one of the most fundamental SEO ranking factors, and therefore the importance of link building can’t be overlooked. 

As a result, many decide to outsource this dreary yet vital task and turn to link building services. 

This, however, might not be your best option.

In this post I’ll explain how digital PR backlinks are more valuable than other links, and how they’re better acquired than through hiring a SEO link building service.

Building links one by one can be incredibly tedious and that’s why scalability is the key. Although, less work and more gains often results in compromising the quality. 

In the post-penguin era, not all backlinks are equal anymore and quality matters more than ever. Google has evolved and will now penalize your website for low quality backlinks.

So how to achieve scalability while maintaining high quality?

This is where PR backlinks get to shine. Digital PR is the only scalable link building method to gain relevant high quality backlinks.

2. Competitive edge

When using regular link building strategies, the issue is always that your competitors can try to reach for the same opportunities.

Say you gain a link to your content on a high authority website like Entrepreneur for example.

Great! So what’s the problem?

Your competitor who is monitoring your link building efforts can try to do the same or even try to steal the link from you.

This is why backlinks gained through PR are so much more valuable. The media coverage you earn can’t be copied or stolen by your competitors. 

3. Higher ROI

Why settle for less when you can have it all?

With PR you’re not just increasing your backlink profile and domain authority, but you’re actually able to reach your target audience

Not only will Google increase your ranking because the backlink is actually getting clicks, but it’ll also lead to valuable referral traffic as well.

Referral traffic in turn will increase your brand awareness and bring more potential leads into your marketing and sales pipeline.

So with increased traffic and sales along with high quality backlinks, PR link building has significantly higher ROI than any other link building strategy.

4.Thought leadership 

Another thing that PR link building does better than anything else is establishing thought leadership and becoming a recognized industry expert.

PR backlinks in top-tier publications increase your credibility both in the eyes of your investors and audience alike.

Look at this expert commentary in Forbes  we gained for one of our cybersecurity clients for example. Not only did it increase their domain authority with a high quality backlink, but it helped them to become a monthly contributor at Forbes and establish cybersecurity thought leadership.

Final thoughts

The benefits of PR link building outweigh any other link building strategies in all aspects: scalability, quality, profitability and relevance.

The decision to turn to digital PR doesn’t only make your marketing team’s life easier but it’s preparing your company for the future:

As Google is getting smarter when it comes to evaluating backlinks, high quality links through PR are only going to increase in value.