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For startups looking for press coverage, it is time consuming to collect the contact information for tech reporters. Instead of having entrepreneurs and small businesses, which already have limited resources, spend hours finding the emails of technology reporters, we decided to spend hours creating a comprehensive tech reporter contact list.

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List Of Top Tech Blog Reporters

Website Contact Email/URL Twitter URL Description
Engadget There is a pop-up on the upper right hand side. @engadget Engadget is a web magazine with obsessive daily coverage of everything new in gadgets and consumer electronics.
The Verge http://www.theverge.com/tip-us @verge The Verge’s mission is to offer breaking news coverage and in-depth reporting, product information, and community content via a unified, modern platform.
Techcrunch [email protected] @TechCrunch TechCrunch is a leading technology media property, dedicated to obsessively profiling startups, reviewing new Internet products, and breaking tech news.
Mashable http://mashable.com/contact-us @mashsocialmedia Mashable is the largest independent news source dedicated to covering digital culture, social media and technology. Mashable’s 20 million monthly unique visitors and 4 million social media followers have become one of the most engaged online news communities.
The Next Web http://thenextweb.com/contact @thenextweb Founded in 2008, The Next Web is one of the world’s largest online publications that delivers an international perspective on the latest news about Internet technology, business and culture.
Slash Gear http://www.slashgear.com/send-news-tips @slashgear Dedicated to highlighting the latest and greatest in personal technology, SlashGear covers everything from cutting-edge tech gear to the latest digital lifestyle trend.
GigaOM http://about.gigaom.com/contact @gigaom Founded in 2006, GigaOM has grown into the leading provider of online media, events and research for global technology innovators.
Ars Technica http://arstechnica.com/contact-us/ @arstechnica Ars Technica specializes in news and reviews, analysis of technology trends, and expert advice on topics ranging from the most fundamental aspects of technology to the many ways technology is helping us discover our world.
Bits Right hand side list of Bits´contacts @nytimesbits The Bits blog covers the business of technology, from social media and mobile devices to cloud computing and computer security.
MacRumors http://www.macrumors.com/share.php @MacRumors MacRumors is a tech blog dedicated at bringing to its readers news and rumors about Apple, Mac, and iOS.
9 to 5 Mac [email protected] @9to5mac 9 to 5 Mac is a blog dedicate at breaking Mac new and analyzing Apple Intelligence.
ReadWriteWeb [email protected] @RWW ReadWriteWeb was founded on April 20, 2003, by Richard MacManus and is now one of the most widely read and respected blogs in the world in topics related to Web technologies, apps and services.
The Windows Blog http://support.microsoft.com/contactus/?ws=mscom @microsoftayuda Blog related to a wide range of topics related to Windows.
AnandTech Article Channel @AnandTech Over 13 years online, Anandtech Article channel attempts to provide in-depth reviews of the latest and greatest PC and consumer electronics technology.
Android Phone Fans http://phandroid.com/tips @phandroid Android phone Fans, as its name indicates, is a website focused on android phones and everything related to them.
BGR “Tip Us” pop up on the right hand side of the site. Also, [email protected] @boygenius BGR is a leading online destination for news and commentary focused on the mobile and general consumer electronics markets.
Ubergizmo http://www.ubergizmo.com/contact @ubergizmo Ubergizmo attempts talk electronics in a way that grandparents can understand. The company takes everything into consideration from design, to user interface to practicality, pricing and competition.
MobileSyrup http://mobilesyrup.com/contact @MobileSyrup MobileSyrup.com is an independent resource on mobile technology in Canada – connecting to those who are mobile enthusiasts, professionals and shoppers.
Wired’s Gadget Lab http://www.wired.com/about/feedback @wired WIRED is the first word on how ideas and innovation are changing the world. Each month in the magazine and every day online, their editors deliver a glimpse into the future of business, culture, innovation, and science.
The Unofficial Apple Weblog http://www.tuaw.com/contact/feedback @TUAW Established December 5, 2004, The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) is a resource for all things Apple and beyond: news stories, credible rumors and how-to’s covering a variety of topics daily.
PocketNow http://pocketnow.com/Tip-Us-On-News @pocketnowtweets The site is a full service smartphone site covering issues such as tablets, and gadgets, providing a mix of news, reviews, videos, and editorials which span all aspects of mobile devices and their associated culture.
The Official Google Blog This blog shares insights from Googlers into google products, technology and the Google culture.
Skatter Tech http://skattertech.com/contact @skattertech Skatter Tech is an online publication with in-depth coverage of all things tech including new consumer gadgetr and web service.
IntoMobile http://www.intomobile.com/contact @IntoMobile IntoMobile delivers breaking news, information, and analysis on the latest mobile phones and mobile technology.