Produce a top quality podcast using the PR Podcast Playbook.

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The PR Podcast playbook book

Learn How to Create a Professional Sounding Podcast

Podcasting has recently become an industry that attracts millions of listeners. It can also serve as a great communication resource for your startup, and develop your startup’s industry credibility. Download our PR Podcast Playbook and learn how to make podcasting the mouthpiece for your startup’s identity.

Our PR Podcast Playbook includes:

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    A step-by-step guide on how to use the podcasting platform Anchor

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    Publicize's very own tutorial of HARO for finding and being a podcast guest

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    Useful infographics on being a podcast guest

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In our PR PODCAST PLAYBOOK we provide a step-by-step guide on how to effectively produce and broadcast your podcast on Anchor.

With our PR PODCAST PLAYBOOK you can

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    Craft your communication style to your consumers.

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    Write a pitch as a podcast guest, and write a query as a podcast host

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    Do a competitors analysis

  • thought leadership people icon

    Learn how to become a thought leader through podcasting

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