Publicize Zero

PR is an expensive, complex industry.

For too long, it has been considered inaccessible to the masses.

Our free platform provides a wealth of resources. Now anyone regardless of background can secure meaningful media coverage.


For our free users

  • Interactive DIY PR campaigns

  • Extensive tech reporter contact list that can be added directly into a DIY campaign

  • Press Kit with hyperlink that can be sent to journalists

  • Product Hunt moderator list

  • PR education through articles, videos and webinars

  • Free 9am - 5pm EST chat support from a PR professional

For our clients

  • Interactive campaign management center

  • 100% transparency into journalists we are contacting and responses received in real-time

  • Multiple additional opportunities to be featured in the media

  • Ability to speak directly with account manager

  • PR Impact page that showcases all media results

  • Exclusive Publicize Perks

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