Startup Spotlight: John Papadakis of Pollfish

By Rudi Davis Published: 19 July, 2016 Last updated: February 18th, 2022 at 11:11 am

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This week’s Startup Spotlight features John Papadakis, CEO and co-founder of survey platform Pollfish. The service delivers targeted surveys via mobile apps and online, providing companies with cost-effective access to more than 280 million users worldwide.

Meet the Founder

John Papadakis co-founded Pollfish with three friends in 2013, based on the premise that “ads suck” and that no one has time to answer lengthy surveys in person or on the phone… and nor do they want to.  

Passionate about platforms and businesses that scale – particularly those in the mobile domain –  Papadakis set out to create an optimized mobile service that would revolutionize the way consumer intelligence was gathered, doing away with pesky email surveys and annoying in-app pop-ups in the process.

Building upon the experience he gained during his BS in Computer Engineering at the University of Patras, Greece, Papadakis founded his first mobile start-up, Pajap, in 2011. Pajap provided a new approach to mobile application development, enabling users to create a native app in minutes, without the need for a single line of code or compromising the advantages offered by its unique functionality.

It was this dedication to improving the mobile user experience for all that naturally led Papadakis to launch his second start-up, Pollfish.

What’s so special

As every CMO knows, market research is time-consuming and expensive. But what else can companies do than carry out costly inefficient surveys, focus groups, and client feedback?

Papadakis decided enough was a enough and it was time to start leveraging mobile tech – something people spend 3 hours interacting with daily – to its greatest effect. Cue the birth of Pollfish, a revolutionary way for businesses to stay informed about the needs, wants, and likes of their consumers, wherever they are in the world.

With a global database of more than 280 million users, optimized Pollfish in-app surveys provide brands with 24/7, real time access to the right audience, and guarantee speedy, accurate, cost-effective results with each personalized survey it distributes.

Product Spotlight

Whether it’s consumer, public or market intelligence, Pollfish makes collecting scaleable results from key audiences a quick and painless process for both sides, with non-intrusive mobile surveys that are speedy to create and take less than two minutes to complete.

From location to custom screening questions, its Audience Builder allows brands to clearly define their target market, and its range of integrated survey designs make it easy to engage users across multiple platforms, and collect the depth of insight and opinion they need.

Distributed to more than 8,000 Pollfish partner apps based on the criterion defined – from macro down to micro-filter level – survey results are recorded in real-time, and the advanced Pollfish reporting dashboard allows brands to analyze, filter, and action the intelligence gathered immediately.

The unique Pollfish correlation feature also makes more limited consumer snapshots instantly comparable to a much wider target market – using similar customer profiles from the 280 million+ Pollfish database – providing marketing insights that are unprecedented in both scale and cost-efficiency.

With a simple tiered pricing structure, the Pollfish service is accessible to start-ups and big brands alike. Basic plans start at just $1 per completed survey, ranging to agency plans which guarantee 1000+ respondents.

Each of these key features is crucial to the founders at Pollfish, and what distinguishes their product from intelligence gathering services. In their own words, their mission is to “transform survey intelligence with the most accurate, cost effective results and the quickest survey completion times.”

In the Media

Pollfish is proud to count big brands such as Microsoft and T Mobile among its earliest clients. Its mobile-first approach to revolutionizing the ad economy and replacing traditional app revenue models has been covered by VentureBeat and TechCrunch, including the start-up’s successful closing of a Series A round of funding, securing $2.5 million for its continued U.S. expansion.  

To the Future

With mobile devices firmly established as the primary digital platform for users worldwide, and apps being where more than half of us spend our time, an innovative approach to in-app intelligence gathering and monetization has never been so important.

Pollfish aims to continue refining its optimized in-app surveys accordingly, enhancing its designs and integration options to make the user experience for consumers and developers alike a more seamless one. The team is also dedicated to developing its reporting tools further, helping marketers to determine the size of their relevant lookalike audience with even greater ease and accuracy, making the implications of the data they collect more valuable and powerful still.

Watch this space.