Startup Spotlight: Robin Barone of Diplomat Books

By Conrad Egusa Published: 10 August, 2016 Last updated: February 18th, 2022 at 10:55 am

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Positively influencing the minds of the next generation, we’d like to introduce you to Robin Barone, founder and CEO of the children’s publishing house Diplomat Books. The platform is dedicated to sharing travel adventure books for children, aiming to encourage an inquisitive mind so that they desire to explore the welcomed differences in the world around them.

What’s So Special

Thanks to international trade, cheap travel, social media and foreign policy, we live in a global environment. So, unless you choose to live under a rock, it has become quite difficult to turn a blind eye to what’s going on across international borders. And, with the rise of people viewing themselves as ‘global citizens’ according to a recent BBC poll, the importance of a greater awareness of global issues, cultures and histories is undeniable. However, in recent years, a large portion of our insight has been based on the increase of fear and anger in the world, rather than a positive outlook.

A seasoned traveler, Barone decided that these dominant negative messages and images about difference were inaccurate. Through Diplomat Books, children have the opportunity to read fun stories about geographical and cultural differences in vivid color. They can embark on a journey with a friendly little bird called Robin, discovering and learning to appreciate people from different backgrounds to understand that change doesn’t automatically mean fear.

Product Spotlight

Diplomat Books understands that one of the most important parts of knowledge development and education starts at home. Their contribution to society is establishing the company as a thought leader in early education, positively and directly impacting the minds of the next generation through imaginative and fun travel.

Barone and her team are helping to maximize engagement among children from a variety of cultural environments. By instilling a sense of curiosity in children at an early age, the company is encouraging a mentality of respect and compassion, contributing to how future generations approach international relations.

With its first book Where is Robin? USA, Diplomat Books takes little kids on an exciting new adventure through North America. Promising them a memorable journey full of learning, laughter and love, children gain a passion for travel and discovery. Robin encourages them to be fearless in new situations and inspires them to recognize that travel is an important life experience, instilling positive values at every stage of the journey.

Meet The Founder

Originally from Armenia, Robin Barone founded Diplomat Books after a travel blog she started in 2010 documenting her trip in Asia. A lover of travel, she found that many of her core values as an adult were a result of her life experiences in a variety of different cultures.

As development director of Fund for Armenian Relief (FAR) in 2010, Barone helped recruit doctors to serve as mentors, educators and leaders to the Continuing Medical Education program in Armenia. Through this role, she helped develop relations between leading US doctors and teaching institutions to support and enhance medical education in the country. Barone has consistently demonstrated her passion for connecting the world and nurturing values of respect and compassion for others.

It was this dedication to helping to bridge the gap between different countries, people and their cultures that naturally led Barone to create Diplomat Books. She believes that teaching children about the world in early education will increase their ability to treasure and enjoy difference and change.

In The Media

Barone’s story and Diplomat Books are proud to have been recently covered by The Startup Magazine, Startup Beat and Social Geek. The forward thinking approach is a welcomed addition to child education.

Recognised by many, Robin has received letters of commendations from President Obama, the mayor of Chicago, the Governor of South Dakota, and a few other respectable governments. Diplomat Books is clearly helping to have an impact on generating positive perceptions about the world around us.

To The Future

This fall, Robin Barone will be launching a crowdfunding campaign to support the development of her new book series.


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