A Beginner’s Guide To Marketing For Saas Startups

In today’s episode we will be looking at marketing for a Saas business based on our guide “THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO SAAS MARKETING ROI” To explore this topic, we are joined by Dave Hurt, CEO and Co-founder of Verb Data, a company that helps Saas clients build end-user dashboards and reports.

From today’s discussion, you will learn

  • How Saas startup founders with no experience can start marketing their company
  • What should be the main focus of a marketing strategy at the early stages
  • Why it is important to start with a Minimally Viable Brand

Dave also shares with our listeners some examples of successful marketing tactics Verb Data has implemented, and how early adopters play a role when it comes to marketing.

Want to learn more about Saas marketing? Check out our guide below!

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