[Webinar] Cryptonite: 7 Tactics To Nail PR For Crypto & Blockchain

It is no secret that the blockchain and crypto ecosystem have suffered dramatic changes. We at Publicize know that crafting a PR strategy for crypto and blockchain startups is no easy task. That’s why we hosted our webinar Cryptonite: 7 Tactics To Nail PR for Crypto and Blockchain, to teach you how PR can be the magic ingredient in growing your crypto or blockchain company.

[Webinar] The Art of the Pitch: Learn How to Win Media Coverage by Approaching Journalists the Right Way

Pitching to journalists is the most fundamental stage of any PR campaign. Failure to break through the noise will mean you'll struggle to win any media coverage. During our webinar, The Art of the Pitch, we'll first walk you through how we come up with pitch ideas and approach journalists. Then we'll discuss the do's and don'ts of pitching to journalists with our expert panel.

[Webinar] PR for Growth: A Step By Step Guide For A Successful 2019

The struggle to be heard and to be noticed has never been tougher for startups and growing businesses. But it is one of the most crucial factors for success. This is where PR for Growth comes in. In this webinar we teach you how a PR for Growth strategy can help your startup achieve its goals.

[Webinar] Digital PR For Startups: Why 2019 Is Year 0

Traditional PR is dead. Gone are the days where startups can release an announcement and sit back comfortably waiting for the leads to roll in. In this webinar we explore what you can do to construct a bullet-proof digital PR strategy, to both increase your leads and revenue, as well as provide the backbone for your business.