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By Rudi Davis 28 September, 2017

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One of the hardest things for small businesses is getting publicity to push on and make their existence known. It’s all well and good spamming Facebook and Twitter and whatever else, but that isn’t always enough.

This is a problem that a lot of startups and small businesses encounter when first starting out. Despite having a world-changing product, the presentation could be lacking, and as a result, they find themselves without any revenue.

This is the very problem that Curaytor is looking to solve. Founder Chris Smith understands the issues small business have. “Usually marketing is a very lonely task because as you are marketing alone without a budget to test how a larger company would use advertising funds,”he said. Smith is a serial entrepreneur and best-selling author of “The Conversion Code.”

This can be overwhelming, especially when embroiled in the stress-inducing process of starting a new business. Luckily, Curaytor is here for you to lend a helping hand.

Based on the CAB system – that is Create, Advertise, Blast – Curaytor helps you stay focused on execution.

Create is the Curaytor team building content such as websites to highlight what makes the client unique. It includes video integration, ‘about’ pages, and easy-to-use effective blogs. Everything that you want people to look at and think you are the company for them.

Once the content is developed, the Advertise portion focuses on getting you recognition on Facebook. Curaytor manages millions of dollars worth of Facebook ad spend, and gives you the best performing ads for your business. 

Finally, Blast helps you retain those clients that you have already found. Curaytor believes that without effectively following up with leads or previous clients, you are leaving money on the table, that will eventually find its way into another’s pocket.

Its “fool-proof” and automated follow-up system includes lead tracking and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software to ensure every available penny goes straight into your bank account.

Testimonials can be found here.

So, if you’re a budding entrepreneur whose business needs that little extra kick to get recognized, Curaytor could very well be the solution to all your marketing needs.

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