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There are tough times ahead for businesses both big and small. Given the saturated pool of online information around COVID-19, the only way to make your voice heard is through an effective communications strategy. At Publicize, we’re offering a specialized Crisis Communications Solution that provides a wide range of tactics to put your business back on the digital map.

A robust and professional communications strategy has never been more important.

Our Crisis Communication Management Process

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    Step 1 : Understanding your unique situation

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    Step 2 : Analyze key risk factors

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    Step 3 : Set up your personalized strategy for crisis communication management through different channels

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    Step 4: Start running and monitoring tactics!

Why choose Publicize?

  • Produce owned media content relevant to you. – We understand that guest articles and virtual events are not one-size-fits-all solutions, especially during a crisis. We ensure that content created for your site, social media channels, or backlinking into your site is made with your brand and target audience in mind. 
  • In-house SEO expertise to get more eyes on your business. – Our marketing team is able to identify and implement a strategy that leans on best SEO practices: targeting keywords relevant to your business and producing high-value content.
  • Broad knowledge and understanding of all things tech. – Whatever your industry, we’re able to produce interesting and insightful content. Our editorial team has a great understanding and passion for the newest trends in the tech world.

Find Out More About Our Crisis Communication Management Service

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