What Is Clubhouse? And How To Implement A Clubhouse Marketing Strategy

By Helene Dötsch Published: 13 August, 2021 Last updated: February 17th, 2022 at 1:03 pm

iphone showing clubhouse app

Over the past year, Clubhouse’s rise in popularity has been explosive. 

As an exclusive app that’s accessible only by personal invitation, the chat room has been making headlines across social media. 

Now, after the initial storm has calmed, it’s time to take advantage of Clubhouse as a digital marketing tool. Let’s dig a little deeper into the world’s most exclusive social media app and the value it offers to companies.

What is Clubhouse app?
How does Clubhouse work?
1: Building a network
2: Engaging your audience
3: Growing B2B Collaborations
4: Educating yourself via the Clubhouse app

What is Clubhouse app?

When entering the Clubhouse app, your first feelings are like you’re joining an intimate, digital talk show. 

As an audio-based internet forum, users can have conversations with other members on just about anything (legally speaking, of course). When Clubhouse began, tech leaders and celebrities like Elon Musk and Oprah Winfrey began using it to interact with fans.

Since then, the platform has more than quintupled its international membership. Clubhouse attracts an average of approximately 2 million users each week, with over 10 million members in total. Users mostly share industry insights, expert knowledge, brand stories and discuss a diverse range of topics. From marketing insights to tech trends to political debates, Clubhouse is home to a variety of debate and discussion. 

How does Clubhouse work?

After registering with Clubhouse and adding your personal bio, you’re able to join different rooms, similar to a webinar or Zoom meeting. To speak, simply press the button to raise your hand. Each room has three primary interfaces – a stage with the room moderator and discussion host, speakers collaborating with the room manager, and the listening audience. 

As a brand or company leader, your goal is to lead these discussions and adding meaningful value to them.

Users can also start a room and build their own audience with a topic that they’re considered experts in. However, when creating a room, make sure the discussion is properly moderated so that your audience is kept engaged.

Lastly, you can join or even create a club. Let’s say you’re looking for clubs on ‘growth PR strategies’. By joining this club, you’ll receive notifications when the next room will launch on a topic related to PR. When hosting a club, it’s necessary to give new input and host events to regularly showcase your community leadership.

Clubhouse is still a niche social media platform in comparison with the likes of Facebook or LinkedIn. Despite this, the type of users it attracts are interested in learning about science and tech’s latest industry trends. This makes Clubhouse an enticing new channel for business leaders and CEOs to leverage thought leadership initiatives. 

Step 1: Building a network

Today, 86% of consumers say that authenticity is crucial when choosing between brands. Take authenticity, credibility and trust, for instance. These are likely to be important pain points for your target consumer. Building an engaged and close-knit community on a growing social media channel like Clubhouse, therefore, is a must.

As with webinars, the ability to share your voice in such an environment grants you thought leadership visibility.

To build a network, you need to remain active on the app. Come to the stage and be one of the main speakers, or even host the event. This way, people start to notice you. Likewise, you’ll obtain up-to-date information on trending topics and events from your own community, meaning that you’ll be able to update existing content with the latest ideas. .

Step 2: Engaging your audience

Brand engagement comes in many forms.

You can offer a 10% discount to subscribers, offer educational resources or invite them to exclusive events. Luckily for you, all of these can be done through Clubhouse. Capture audience interest by inviting them to contribute to the discussion, or lead a Q&A session that engages all listeners. Either way, this is the place where you can activate target consumers’ interest through dynamic conversation.

By inviting other industry leaders to your discussion, you solidify existing connections and create space for future business collaborations. With that in mind, propose partnerships to other business leaders, and not just on Clubhouse. 

Likewise, don’t forget to link to your various social media channels!

Step 3: Growing B2B collaborations

In addition to creating a network, the audio-only app also serves as a direct instrument to improve B2B relationships. By showcasing the value of your products and services across Clubhouse, other brands will automatically gain interest in your brand. 

As the platform is trending among tech leaders, CEOs and specialists, it’s an excellent gateway to attracting investors. Any of your listeners have the potential to become a future brand advocate or partner.

Step 4: Educating yourself via the Clubhouse app

The Clubhouse platform is not just a great tool to gain brand awareness, recognition, and thought leadership. Our last recommendation is to use the platform as an information hotspot to gather industry trends and sales tendencies. 

In addition, learn what tools and tricks others use to drive company growth. This app is all about sharing educational content, which is now essential to successful content marketing in 2021.

Final Thought: Is Clubhouse good for marketing?

Even though Clubhouse is still growing, its status as a relatively undiscovered social media platform can work to your advantage. 

On the platform itself, quality comes before quantity, true for both the club members you have and the content you share.

Establishing yourself as a conversation leader on Clubhouse not only gives you credibility in the eyes of an engaged audience. Simultaneously, you’re building brand awareness within a community of people with strong intentions. Offer your listeners knowledge, industry insights and useful data points and watch the number of prospects blow up.