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We lead conversations around how blockchain & crypto is revolutionizing privacy and payments

At Publicize, we put your blockchain product into words and show how you add value across all industries. If you’re a crypto currency company, we demonstrate your authority on modern payments and the changing world of finance. Equally, for both blockchain and crypto, Publicize draws a bright line between these two products in the quality content we produce.

Publicize brings media coverage in high-tier publications

“Working with Publicize brought us media coverage in high-tier publications including Entrepreneur, Cryptoslate or Hacker Noon. The staff’s understanding of blockchain technology was immensely helpful in content creation. Always quick to respond despite our time-zone differences, Publicize has played a crucial role in our endeavour to establish DECENT’s CEO as a thought leader in the blockchain industry.”

Filip Kubelka, Global Public Relations Manager at DECENT.

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Blockchain, Crypto Influencers and Media

Our editorial and outreach teams hold strong relationships with top blockchain and crypto influencers. This is in addition to journalists, reporters and editors working in the blockchain, tech and mass market media. Therefore these are just some of the publications and media outlets that we regularly get our crypto clients featured in.

Crypto press release service

Win press coverage and keep the blockchain community and wider public up to date with your achievements and milestones with our cryptocurrency pr service.

Blockchain thought leadership

Position yourself as a thought leader and take control of the narrative within the blockchain community.

Crypto SEO and content marketing

Grow your market with a combined crypto PR and SEO strategy, including link building, keyword research and content creation.

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