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Blockchain, ICO and Crypto PR Services

Looking for a blockchain PR agency to help you build buzz? Here at Publicize we specialize in tech PR and have worked with dozens of crypto and blockchain companies. With our support, we’ve enabled them to tell their story, build their credibility and reach new audiences.

Let’s be honest, ICOs and cryptocurrencies haven’t had the easiest of rides. The small minority of dodgy get-rich-quick schemes have dominated headlines, while promising and innovative blockchain projects can struggle to get traction.

And the marketing obstacles are no less challenging. Blockchain and crypto startups now have to navigate restrictions on social media and digital ads, not to mention unreliable word of mouth. This has made it harder than ever to reach new audiences outside of the crypto community.

But is where we can help. We use PR and marketing to build interest and momentum in your blockchain product, no matter what stage you’re at, from pre-ICO or token sale, to maturing cryptocurrency. Take a look at our PR packages below:

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PR Strategies for Crypto and Blockchain

Building awareness and credibility around your crypto currency or blockchain company is now more vital than ever. So that’s why our crypto PR agency service works with you to bring your crypto to maturity. Our blockchain PR services include:

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    Crypto press release service: Win press coverage and keep the blockchain community and the wider public up to date with all your achievements and milestones.

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    Blockchain & crypto influencers: Use our relationships with top crypto influencers to tell your story to your target market.

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    Tech publications & mainstream press: Reach beyond the blockchain community and attract new markets by winning media coverage in wider tech and mainstream publications

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    Blockchain thought leadership: Position yourself as a thought leader and take control of the narrative within the blockchain community

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    Crypto SEO: Grow your market and onboard new users with a fully optimized crypto SEO strategy, including keyword research and link building

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    Crypto & blockchain content marketing: Form deeper engagements and relationships with your community with original and insightful content marketing

Blockchain, Crypto Influencers and Media

Our editorial and outreach teams hold strong relationships with top blockchain and crypto influencers. This is in addition to journalists, reporters and editors working in the blockchain, tech and mass market media. Therefore these are just some of the publications and media outlets that we regularly get our crypto clients featured in.

Explore Our Crypto PR Resources

Not yet at the stage where you’re ready to take on a crypto PR agency? No problem. We’ve produced a range of free resources that anyone can start using. This includes lists of crypto and blockchain influencers, crypto press release examples and insightful articles on PR for ICO and cryptos.


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