Publicize Spotlight: Agnieszka Wilk From Interior Design Tech Platform Decorilla

By Rudi Davis Published: 11 May, 2016 Last updated: February 18th, 2022 at 11:25 am

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This week’s Publicize Spotlight features Agnieszka Wilk, CEO and Founder of interior design platform Decorilla.

What’s Special

Decorilla’s online platform provides a canvas for people to create their own interior designs, at a fraction of the cost of traditional interior design services. Decorilla’s technology connects the online consumer with a professional designer to help them create customized spaces.

Decorilla’s new VR app, developed in partnership with AR Pandora, uses 360-degree rendering to let any customer with the correct VR apparel step into their dream design, and get a real feel for the space, before committing to the final project.

The app works with the Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift and Samsung VR headset. Users can see what a room might look like furnished with various styles, and select the one they prefer.

Check out Decorilla’s VR design experience.

Product Spotlight

Customers using Decorilla choose from a selection of photos to identify the style they are after, they select their preferred brands and concepts, and then also provide additional detail via a questionnaire. Decorilla clients then have the option to continue with a phone call, online or with an in-house consultant.

Right now, the team are working on an office space in San Francisco for a startup that is expanding. The company want to incorporate social, multi-task areas for employees, making the space functional but at the same time reflective of the energy and spirit of the staff.

Other recent projects include a rustic, industrial style restaurant. Decorilla works with companies and homeowners, and recently created a Moroccan themed living room for a customer.

Meet The Founder

CEO and Founder Agnieszka Wilk came from a background working in finance for the Canadian government. However, she always had dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. When she relocated to Seoul, Korea she took the leap to start her own company. Agnieszka used the money from selling her home in Canada to finance the new initiative.

Agnieszka teamed up with co-founder Joshua van Aalst, who she met through a friend that went to MIT with him. Agnieszka began planning the online interior design platform using a simple Word document. In 2012, they assembled the founding team, today headquartered in New York, and have experienced amazing growth through successful strategic partnerships and cutting edge technology.

In The Media

Decorilla’s recent announcement of the launch of its new VR app was covered by Digital Trends. Writer Rick Stella reported that the “with the inclusion of virtual reality, Decorilla offers its users an unprecedented level of customization.”

Agnieszka was featured on the New York Times discussing her new software. She also took center stage in the Inc article: 5 Reasons To Bootstrap Your Startup, sharing her insights regarding the advantages of bootstrapping your startup finance, in place of VC investment.

To The Future

Today Decorilla offers in home services in 20 cities across the U.S., and they are working to expand this across the country, to complement the online platform.

The team also continue to develop the platform to better suit the needs of clients, and will be adding more features helping to further drive efficiencies, empower creativity, and help people to transform spaces. Decorilla continue to leverage partnerships with companies such as Etsy, Club W, Hello Fresh and BoConcept, to reach a greater audience.

Technology is at the core of their evolution, and the VR app is a big step to help create a customized design experience.


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