Startup Spotlight: Alexander Dreiling of Clipchamp

By Rudi Davis Published: 3 August, 2016 Last updated: February 18th, 2022 at 11:07 am

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Alexander Dreiling is the CEO and co-founder of Clipchamp. The free browser app makes uploading videos to social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook easier, faster, and all without compromising the desire for high video quality.

What’s So Special?

Developments in social media are allowing people to connect instantaneously, and advances in camera quality mean people can capture high resolution videos with just their mobile phones. Unfortunately, we don’t always have the necessary technology that will allow these two things to work together perfectly, and so sometimes, our ability to share high quality videos is compromised. Fortunately for everyone, Clipchamp helps you say “goodbye” to never ending video uploads and poor pixel quality.

The app lets you convert, compress and record video files up to 20 times faster than traditional uploads by compressing videos in the browser before they get uploaded. Unlike other platforms, Clipchamp doesn’t require you to install additional third party software, making it privacy friendly as well as a quick and easy to use tool for connecting people through video, whether it be for commercial, educational or social purposes.

Product Spotlight

Clipchamp has created the world’s first browser-based, user-side video compression and conversion technology. It offers a free version available to any individual as well as a paid API available for website owners to implement on their own websites if they want to receive video from their visitors.

By using Clipchamp’s unique video solution, users are able to avoid the pain of multiple installs, slow uploads and reduced camera quality. Rather than trying to guide consumer behaviour, Clipchamp’s service addresses the user’s needs instead and caters to the increasing pressure for platforms to handle huge amounts of footage in faster times.

Meet the Founder

As CEO and one of four founders of Clipchamp, Alexander Dreiling has over 15 years of professional experience in IT development, research, project management, program management and IT architecture, and has demonstrated a consistent zeal for entrepreneurship.

Working from Australia and Germany, Dreiling was part of a team that initially set out to create the world’s first distributed zetta-flop supercomputer, and it was through this first idea that they realised the potential of one of its by-products; the video compression tool Clipchamp.

In having confidence in Clipchamp and proving the product’s value in the current market, Dreiling and his team managed to secure $1.1m in seed funding which will be used to help expand its offering into the U.S and Europe.

In the Media

With Snapchat and Facebook serving more than 20 million videos per day, and YouTube and Vimeo serving hundreds of millions of hours of videos everyday, Clipchamp’s popularity has grown quite fast in a short space of time.

With a 4.5 star rating on the Chrome store, Clipchamp’s users are spreading the word about the quality of the product, its speed, the easy-to-use platform, and the fact that it’s free.

Clipchamp has also benefitted from admiration by fans of Silicon Valley’s Pied Piper. In the HBO comedy, the characters accidentally discover an algorithm for video compression that makes their startup, Pied Piper, the next best thing in the tech world. Clipchamp has similarly caught on to something equally as big.

To the Future

With Clipchamp’s current success, the company is focused on growing the end user platform into the millions of users per month, and are currently working on a plan to convert current subscribers to their paid service. Users will also be pleased to know that Clipchamp is working on developing a premium product for their everyday customers to reward them for their support.


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