Startup Spotlight: Shawn Schulze of SeniorCare

By Rudi Davis Published: 13 July, 2016 Last updated: February 18th, 2022 at 11:13 am

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This week’s Startup Spotlight features Shawn Schulze, President of senior care service platform

What’s So Special is an online portal that curates senior care providers and gives information on home care and assisted living facilities in selected regions.

The company aims to help educate people to the challenges faced by the growing elderly population, and the support and services that are available. The website provides in-depth statistics on elderly population growth projections, healthcare costs, and Social Security and Medicare spending. It collates insights from industry experts and connects families with senior care providers in their area. Local listings and information covers home care, assisted living, nursing homes and adult day care facilities.

SeniorCare also curates volunteering opportunities for young people to get involved and help seniors in their local communities and even provides scholarship opportunities, through the ‘Aging Matters’ program supporting students that are working towards a future career that will positively impact the elderly population.

Product Spotlight works with services such as Assisted Living FacilitiesHome Health Care AgenciesSkilled Nursing Facilities and Adult Day Care. Together they have received over 20 million unique visitors, and responded to over 100,000 consumer inquiries to providers offering medical and non-medical home care, assisted living, skilled nursing, adult day care and other senior care services.

Meet The Founder

SeniorCare was founded by Shawn Schulze, an online marketing veteran who has driven on $50 million in revenue for companies through his effective use of internet marketing strategies. Schulze hails from a background of paid search, lead generation and SEO, creating effective web properties to deliver big results in numerous industries.

Schulze turned his attention to the senior care industry when he realized there was a lack of a single source of quality, useful statistics, providing information for seniors and their families.

“Most consumers are unprepared, they do not know what to expect as they age,” said Schulze. “We are building to fill this need.”

In The Media

SeniorCare’s Aging Council has been featured on The Huffington Post, U.S. News. The company’s senior care advocate Carol Marak, regularly contributes to sites including Lifehack as well as a number of different blogs and established societies, such as the American Society on Aging — in efforts to raise awareness to the growing need for awareness and support for the elderly living in the U.S.

Just this month, Carol wrote an advisory piece for The Aging Experience, How to Get Young People Involved in Aging, explaining how senior services can motivate Millennials to get involved with the industry.

To The Future

U.S. Census reports reveal that every day 10,000 across the country turn 65. The number of elderly people is increasing significantly, projected to climb from 47 million in 2015 to 64 million just one decade later.

SeniorCare has found that just one third of Americans think they will need long-term care. However, the reality is that double this amount will actually require some form of support and care in later life. The company wants to help people to better understand the challenges, and the options they have in their elderly years. Schulze believes that by providing families, cities and organizations with a clear source of information, they can better prepare for old age.

The team at SeniorCare recently conducted a series of 8,000 comprehensive guides now available in all states and major cities. The localized reports collate senior citizen demographic and financial snapshots for different regions and providing an overview of elderly lifestyles and senior care service options. These reports are now free to the public available at


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