Publicize FAQs

Interested in learning more about PR For Growth, PR For Startups, or Publicize’s PR services? Check out, and download, Publicize’s FAQs here!

Who is Publicize?

Publicize was founded back in 2013 with a single mission: to offer high quality PR and media coverage to startups and entrepreneurs who were priced out of a broken PR industry.

What is PR For Growth?

PR For Growth is what we call our brand of PR. 

We approach PR differently to legacy agencies. We don’t charge large retainers or simply send out press releases when you have something to announce. Instead, we’ve taken a transparent and modular approach to PR, where you only pay for what you need.

What is our company culture?

We still like to consider ourselves a startup. This mentality runs through everything we do, from our continuous innovation to our possible attitude.

And being based in Medellin, Colombia, one of Latin America’s fastest growing tech and innovation hubs, we’ve built an international team of PR experts. 

This includes native English speaking writers, journalists, strategists, and marketing specialists from more than 15 countries.

What is our purpose?

We bring visibility and attention geared towards growth to initiatives, projects and people from all around the world and in all stages of their business/process.

We fulfill our purpose by providing support, value and expertise to startup and entrepreneurial ecosystems in all continents. We want to become the default communications service for the industry.


What are the different Publicize PR packages?

We offer four different PR packages: Basic, Growth, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus.

Here’s a breakdown of our different PR packages:


publicize packages

What are tactics?

Tactics represent units of work. Some activities we do, like an SEO assessment or a White Paper, are worth more tactics than others like Press Releases or Special Pitches, and certain tactics are only available on a higher tier of service. Clients combine a selection of tactics based on their tier of service (link to packages page) to create their 12-month service package with Publicize.

What is the difference between a business goal and PR goal?

We refer to two types of goals, business goals and PR goals.  It’s important to consider what your business goals are before choosing a tier of service, as the higher tier of service you select, the more goals you’ll be able to achieve. Business goals can be launching a new product,  entering a new market, or securing investment; while PR goals are more along the lines of building credibility, enhancing brand visibility, or increasing brand awareness.

How do we structure our contracts?

All Publicize service commitments are for a 12-month duration. While our prices are on our website, the payment frequency can affect the average monthly value.

What size should my business be before investing in PR?

It’s never too early to invest in PR!

In fact, we’ve found that startups’ messaging is easier to mold than more established businesses.

Furthermore, if you’re a larger company, we can come in and identify PR tactics to take you to the next level. 

How do you guarantee results?

We operate in an organic earned media style, as opposed to sponsored posts.

Therefore, the journalists we pitch to are in total control of what content gets picked up and what doesn’t. 

However, we do guarantee a specific schedule of work based on our tried-and-tested Publicize methods.

When do I see PR results?

The more effort you put into your engagement with us, the faster you’ll start getting real results.

It’s not unusual to see results in the first month. However, it’s best to come prepared for the first three months’ focus to be on a killer baseline of work. 

Do you have case studies?

Sure we do! Check out some of our previous success stories here.

Our PR Tactics

What are the PR tactics included in each package?

The tactics that we offer depend on the PR package you sign up for.

Some of these services include:

  • Thought Leadership
  • Media Relationship Building
  • Special Pitches
  • Design Services
  • Corporate and Infographic Video Services
  • Event Management
  • Blog Management
  • SEO Strategy and Consultation
  • Social Media Audits and Management
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Content Creation
  • Keystone Documents

Who is the owner of the content you produce?

The client is always the owner of the work once it is produced. 

Why is it important to have a baseline of work?

Before any journalist or media outlet takes you seriously, they will do some basic research to check out who you are.

The press may check:

  • Your website
  • Your leadership team
  • Any keystone documents
  • Case studies
  • Messaging across your channels
  • Community engagement on your blog, social media, or other channels

To build your social proof, it’s vital your business has all these boxes ticked off before outreach begins.

Why are there only long term strategies?

As we’ve mentioned before, PR is not a quick fix. 

Therefore, you need long term thinking and planning if you want to see results that last. Take it from us, you can’t make friends with the press overnight!

How do I get results in major publications?

Yes, many of our clients who work hard to build a relevant company narrative and master their audience profile do. 

Read how we helped intive get featured in Entrepreneur, Tech Crunch, and Venture Beat. 

How we work

What team do I get when I sign up?

We offer a completely managed service. You’ll receive a team dedicated to managing your account and your content/copy for your entire engagement. Based on your package, your team may consist of:

  • An Account Executive
  • A Writer
  • An Account Manager 
  • A Marketing and SEO Specialist 
  • Additional Editorial Staff

Who are the Publicize Account Managers?

We have six Account Managers in total. 

They all have a wide range of experience in delivering tailored PR campaigns for a variety of different content. 

Read more about the different account managers here.

What is the Publicize Dashboard?

At Publicize, we use a central portal for communications called our Client Dashboard.

Here you can see all of the work your team is doing, the status of tactics and pitches, edit and approve drafts, or just touch base during some office downtime.  


What if I don’t have the budget right now?

The best thing you can do for your company before starting PR is to create a strong brand identity

Furthermore, you can also take proactive steps towards analyzing what your company’s growth goals.

We believe that setting SMART goals are essential when planning your PR strategy:

If you need some outside help, our PR consultants can help walk you through the process of planning your strategy free of charge.

What’s included in Publicize’s PR assessment?

Let our Head of Growth and Business Development, Jennifer Poole, explain what’s included in our free PR assessment:

Where can I find free PR resources?

Our resource center of course!

It’s packed full of useful PR tactics for businesses of all shapes and sizes.