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This Is How intive Broke Into The US Market With Our Help

intive needed help getting established in the US, so reached out to Publicize. Read on to see exactly how we did it in this case study.


The Client

intive is a well established digital products solutions provider. Founded in Finland in 1999, the company has since grown to 19 global locations, with offices in Europe, the US and Latin America. Their global workforce now boasts over 1,500 highly skilled engineers and designers, who together are helping enterprises accelerate their digital transformations.


The Challenge

As part of their global expansion strategy, intive entered the US market in 2017 with the opening of a base in Mountain View, CA. While the company is now a significant player in developing digital products for global enterprises, they wanted to increase awareness of their company in the US when it entered this hypercompetitive market.

Therefore, the leadership team reached out to Publicize, to help them with the task of growing their brand in the US. The objective was to grow their brand recognition through media coverage, in order to deliver tangible growth in this market.


The Solution

As the brief was very time-critical, we developed a media strategy aimed at maximizing Intive’s presence in the US in the shortest possible time. This was achieved through the following means:

– Using our press relationships and outreach to get thought leadership articles featured in major publications, including Entrepreneur Magazine, Tech Crunch, and Venture Beat.

– Leveraging Intive’s wider business strategy to develop intriguing and original press releases, which were then picked up by US media outlets

– Pitching to niche software development and tech publications to get Intive case studies and expert opinions featured

In addition to this earned media coverage, the Publicize media team delivered in-person media training to intive’s General Manager for the Americas. The team also helped Intive’s US executive team develop their core messaging for the US market.


The Results

To date, our media strategy has resulted in intive being featured in 33 articles, generating a huge audience for the company within this market. Here are some of the publications that have featured intive.

case study intiv 1
case study intiv 2

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