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Are you searching for a fintech PR firm to help you take your financial services business to the next level? Here at Publicize we specialize in tech PR and love all things fintech. We share your passion and know exactly what it’s like taking on the established players in a traditional industry.

Fintech in 2019 can barely be described as an emerging sector anymore, with investment worth nearly $40billion in the previous year alone. And this is in spite of the fact the industry as we know it today has only been in existence for the last few years.

The sector is experiencing rapid growth across all verticals, including digital banking, insuretech, regtech, peer-to-peer lending and investments, international money transfers, alternative payments and cryptocurrencies.

But while fintechs joining the unicorn club are being announced all the time (39 at the last count), the pressures are huge. Competition from an ever growing list of new entrants, as well as from legacy institutions, makes fighting for attention and market share harder than ever. While at the same time you’re having to work within a regulatory environment that’s literally from a different era.

But this is where we can help. We use PR and marketing to help build credibility, awareness and momentum in your fintech company. That’s why over the last seven years we’ve helped countless financial services companies tell their story and reach new audiences. Take a look at our PR packages below:

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B2C Fintech PR Services

Ever heard the one about how you’re more likely to leave your husband or wife than your bank? We can’t vouch for the accuracy of this, but it perfectly encapsulates the difficulties new entrants face in the financial services industry.

Or maybe you’re not at the product launch stage yet and are more concerned with catching the eye of investors or new hires? No matter what stage your business is at, we build the exposure you need; from winning the battle for hearts and minds with consumers, to increasing awareness within the investor community.

These are just some of the ways we deliver this:

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    Fintech influencers: Our relationships with top influencers enable you to tell you story and reach your target market via powerful opinion formers

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    Top tier media coverage: Build legitimacy and trust by winning earned media in influential media outlets

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    Financial services SEO and content marketing: Develop your inbound marketing by aligning your PR, SEO and content strategies

B2B Fintech PR Services

While the sector is rapidly evolving, the financial services industry can still be a traditional and conservative place. Couple this with a regulatory environment that’s struggling to keep up and you can find yourself facing a number of obstacles.

But our PR service helps you to overcome these issues. We do this by building your credibility and exposure with investors, target clients and regulators.

Here are just some of the services we provide:

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    Fintech white paper writing: Articulate your mission and vision with investors with our white paper writing service

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    Industry press and publications: Win media coverage and build your narrative with your target market, from investors and financial services’ business leaders to regulators

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    Fintech communications: Ensure maximum exposure with IPO and M&A communications, investor relations and C-Suite communication strategies

Fintech Influencers and Publications

Our editorial and outreach teams hold strong relationships with key influencers within the fintech, tech and mass market media. This includes journalists, reporters and editors across a large range of outlets. Here are just some of the top tier and industry specific outlets our clients regularly win media coverage in. Therefore these are just some of the publications and media outlets that we regularly get our crypto clients featured in.

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