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Need a bit of help spreading the word about your amazing health and wellness product? We’re Publicize, a specialist PR firm that helps startups and other businesses to win media coverage and grow. We share your passion for how the health and wellness industry can improve the lives of everyone.

Health and wellness has grown into a huge industry, now worth a whopping $4.2 trillion and representing more than 5% of global economic output. Technological developments are driving much of this growth, with millions of consumers managing their health with mobile apps and wearables.

However new entrants can be met with skepticism, as consumers rightly demand proof over promise. Not only that, but the way that health and wellness is marketed has started to come under scrutiny like never before.

This is where we can lend a hand. We use health and wellness PR to build exposure and increase trust with your target market. No matter what your business goals are, we can build a PR strategy to help you grow. Take a look at our PR packages below:

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Health & Wellness PR Strategies

We design all of our PR and media strategies around the needs of our clients. Our specialist health and wellness PR agency services includes:

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    Press release service: Keep the market updated with all your major company announcements with our health and wellness press release service.

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    Professional product reviews: Get your product reviewed in health and wellness media outlets to grow awareness with your target market.

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    Health and wellness influencers: Leverage our relationships with top industry journalists and influencers to win media coverage.

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    Health and wellness publications and mainstream press: Attract new customers by winning coverage in both health and wellness, and mainstream publications.

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    SEO and content marketing: Reach new audiences searching for your product or services by combining your PR and SEO strategies.

Health & Wellness Influencers and Publications

Our editorial and outreach teams hold strong relationships with key media figures within the Health and Wellness industry. This includes journalists, reporters and editors across a large and diverse range of tier one and niche media outlets. Here are just some of the publications we’ve won media coverage in, on behalf of our clients in.

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