5 Big Data Companies With An Awesome PR Strategy

By Fraser Gillies Published: 5 May, 2020 Last updated: February 17th, 2022 at 2:49 pm

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When it comes to PR for big data companies, it’s crucial to consider how stakeholders perceive the big data industry in its entirety. 

This might read as low hanging fruit, so let’s take this point further:  

With constant doubts around data privacy and potential breaches to big data company servers, a comprehensive big data PR strategy fosters an image of competency and transparency. Concepts like thought leadership and social proof sound good on paper, but a prospect ultimately wants to see that a big data company has a secure and developed product backed up with tangible industry credibility.

So, who are the big data trailblazers leveraging the power of digital PR to maximum effect?

We’ve picked out our 5 favorite big data businesses that are providing the blueprint for other big data companies to prove trust and value to their target audience. These 5 are showing that while the road to acquiring new big data business might be tough, using digital PR to build your online reputation bears fruit in a significant way. 

Let’s get into our top 5 exponents of big data PR:


Customer relationship management (CRM) tool Salesforce shows how an active social media presence can be the driving force to growing your digital footprint. 

With nearly 500,000 followers, Salesforce’s Twitter account shared media strategy involves posting a range of industry specific and social engagement posts. Salesforce’s eclectic variety of Twitter posts – from guided meditations to big data management updates – shows their willingness to be transparent and approachable. 

Meanwhile, Salesforce’s informal tone on Twitter is personable, encouraging stakeholder and followers to interact with its shared media and engage in discussion around big data trends.  

In any case, Salesforce’s use of social media proves to be an effective way to both inform followers and develop a strong brand identity. 

Civis Analytics

One of the companies that’s leading the way in big data thought leadership is the Eric-Schmidt-backed, data science company, Civis Analytics

Through its inhouse blog, Civis Analytics publishes reports and business insights for a range of its clients’ industries. 

In addition to posting owned media, Civis Analytics’ chief technology officer (CTO) was featured externally on the Tech Nori podcast to speak about the benefits of person-level data. In the interview, CTO Sulabh Agarwal took the opportunity to speak about how Civis Analytics has grown as an organization, as well as its strong values of industry leadership and customer engagement. 

Civis Analytics’ healthy balance of owned and earned media plays a significant role in building industry credibility and demonstrating its trustworthiness. It’s no wonder, therefore, that Civis Analytics reported a 200% growth in annual revenue in January 2020 and were cited in the prestigious GovTech 100 list.


When it comes to effective big data PR, sometimes the simple press release can prove to be extremely effective. 

In the case of cloud computing and virtualization software company VMare, press releases provide the traction for keeping its stakeholders informed of all its latest announcements and wins in the big data industry.

After gaining some valuable exposure in top tier publications like Business Insider, VMare backs up its claim as being the ‘indispensable bridge in the cloud’ with regular press releases citing its continuous development as a major big data player. Even in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, VMare is showcasing its sustained relevancy. 

By hosting the 5th annual Women Transforming Technology, announcing milestones like exceeding 15,000 customers – 89 of which are Fortune 100 businesses – and highlighting recognition from industry influencers, VMare is cementing its reputation as a leader within the big data community.

It’s of no surprise, then, that VMare went on a business acquisition trail in 2019, buying up a number of AI and cloud-based startups to help serve the growing demand for VMare’s big data solutions.


As a big data business of any size, the biggest proponent for the quality of product and service you provide are your clients. 

Generally speaking, customers are the lifeblood of any business, so keeping them satisfied is an absolute must. So, when you’ve got customers who’ve loved their experience when using your big data solutions, why not leverage this in the form of a case study?

In terms of exposing customer satisfaction, there are few big data businesses that best Cloudera

As a software platform for engineering, Cloudera has amassed almost 200 case studies across a variety of tech-based industries. Each case study presents a unique challenge to one of Cloudera’s customers, and how Cloudera’s big data and analytics helped them overcome it. 

One of Cloudera’s most notable clients, insurance giant Zurich, highlighted how Cloudera’s analytics solution was able to extract IoT sensor data and JSON files from its data lake and mitigate the impact of poor risk assessments Cloudera’s data warehousing platform and analytical insights. This resulted in a 50% reduction in processing time for hundreds of TBs of data.

When you deliver a quality service for a client, make sure to shout about it like Cloudera.


Computer technology multinational Oracle is already an established name in big data circles. 

Despite this, Oracle continues to grow its online presence and reputation as a big data pioneer, with a clever use of multimedia. 

Firstly, the popularity shift from written to audio-visual content is undeniable. In fact, a HubSpot study reported that 85% of consumers want to see more video content from brands.

To ride the wave of surging multimedia content demand, Oracle have produced a variety of different pieces of audio-visual media. In a short video web series as part of a marketing campaign picked up by Inc., Oracle used client testimonials to give a face to Oracle’s brand.  

With customers like Clorox, Kohls, and MasterCard, it’s obvious why Oracle are so revered within the tech community. However, there are key lessons that any big data company can take from these videos – be it leveraging influencers, using humour and entertainment, or understanding consumer preference.

Displaying the human element to your big data business is the piece to proving you don’t only improve company processes, but you help build better products for a better tomorrow. Seeing testimonials from real people is a powerful message, one that Oracle has made excellent use of.

The Bottom Line

As the big data industry feels the heat from online critics and the mainstream media, any moves your big data company can make to promulgate an image of innovation and growth are ideal. 

Becoming a thought leader or an established presence in the industry might seem far off for big data newcomers, yet there are some smart digital PR moves that can be made to expedite the process. 

Whether it’s building your social media community like Salesforce, shouting about customer success stories like VMware, or diversifying your owned media into multimedia content, these are proven techniques to making a brand trustworthy. Ultimately, digital communication tactics like these are the building blocks to a prosperous big data PR strategy.


Fraser Gillies

Fraser has been working in the digital communications space for four years. Currently the Head of Revenue at Publicize, he is leading a team of talented content creators to build powerful tech narratives that engage, educate and entertain audiences.