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We are a leader in big data PR, fostering client thought leadership around the latest big data trends.

We are Publicize, a growth-focused PR company that helps big data companies prove trust and value to customers and employees. To cut through the noise, we help big data companies refine their analytics solutions into a clear narrative for industry influencers and stakeholders.

Publicize has a good reach in the big data industry and a great team to deliver results

“We have been delighted to partner with Publicize. As a digital PR firm that understands startup pressures, they have been flexible in their approach to meet Gramener’s goals. We’ve got very good visibility and media coverage through their well-structured campaigns. Publicize has a good reach in the big data industry and a great team to deliver results for you!”

Ganes Kesari, Co-Founder at Gramener 

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Big Data Influencers and Media

Our editorial and outreach teams hold strong relationships with key influencers within the Big Data industry and mainstream press. This includes journalists, reporters, and editors across a large range of tier one and niche Big Data outlets. Here are just some of the publications we’ve won media coverage in, on behalf of our clients:

Media monitoring

Developments in data analytics move fast. Be the first to weigh in on new trends and technological applications by providing expert commentary to journalists seeking insights


Thought leadership

Companies across industries are just starting out on their data analytics journeys. Educate those in the industry on best DA practices and how use data to its maximum potential

Mainstream and tech publications

Connect with journalists from top tier media to showcase your insights on a rapidly expanding market that provides value across industries

SEO & Content Marketing

Reach new audiences looking for your solution by combining your PR and SEO strategies

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