4 Top Cybersecurity Companies Responding To COVID-19

By Fraser Gillies Published: 7 April, 2020 Last updated: February 17th, 2022 at 3:32 pm

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In times of uncertainty, markets suffer. 

The COVID-19 virus continues to spread across the world, and many businesses are feeling the pressure. Facebook, Amazon, Google, and major financial institutions have all instructed their employees to work remotely. Meanwhile, government-imposed quarantines are causing events and travel plans to be cancelled, as well as schools to switch to e-learning platforms. 

The shift to online operations for schools and businesses has led to a rise in VPN use. In fact, VPN usage in the US alone has risen by 53% over the past fortnight, as companies aim to securely send and receive information across public networks. 

Now more than ever, businesses of all sizes are relying on cybersecurity to ensure their data is protected online and that their digital processes run as smoothly as possible.

So, if cybersecurity is an indispensable asset to businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, how can cybersecurity companies ensure they’re communicating with their customers in the right way?

These 4 cybersecurity companies are showcasing how best to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak, using cybersecurity PR tactics.


Cybersecurity specialists Absolute are all about maintaining business continuity for customers.

Absolute’s endpoint security platform protects customers’ networks when access is bridged to a remote location. Its software solution packages have seen Absolute featured in the likes of Forbes and win awards from SC Magazine.  

What’s been so impressive about Absolute is its prioritized customer value during COVID-19.

Having recognized customers’ needs for VPN security in a period of remote work, Absolute has given its existing customers free access to Persistence, Abolute’s bespoke software designed to repair and install customer’s VPN applications.

Furthermore, Absolute has produced statistical insights into how COVID-19 has affected its endpoint security services, showing increases in the daily average time spent on devices by  customers. 


As web security solution experts, Cloudflare has a range of cybersecurity services including DDoS mitigation and bot management tools.

Cloudflare is currently soaring as a business. As a service provider to some 10% of Fortune 1,000 companies, Cloudflare has been mentioned in top-tier online publications like The Street, and has just seen its stock value rise to a 52-week high of $26.

What makes Cloudflare so special right now? 

In part, the consistency of its message across all its channels regarding COVID-19. 

From Cloudflare’s website to its Twitter and Facebook profile, it’s clear that Cloudflare’s mission is to make working from home as functional as possible for its customers. CEO of Cloudflare Matthew Prince,, has been on CNN’s business talk show Mad Money, discussing the importance of business network security to Cloudflare, and how it’s making security processes more efficient for customers. 

Moreover, Cloudflare have released in-house videos showing the importance of remaining safely connected online with colleagues, friends and family during  quarantine. 

Cloudflare has effectively communicated that it cares about its customers’ professional and personal well-being – a powerful statement during a pandemic.


Data fraud preventionists Kount offer AI-based services that impede real-time fraud and remote account takeover attempts.

As a cybersecurity company, they’ve grown quickly since being founded over 12 years ago, now serving over 6,500 clients globally. They’ve also featured regularly in niche tech publications such as PYMNTS.

However, it’s Kount’s adaptability to COVID-19 that makes them stand out.

Firstly, Kount published a clear press release detailing its effort to minimize the impact of COVID-19 on fraud protection for its customers, highlighting contingency actions if Kount’s staff are unable to work.

More impressively, Kount is hosting a virtual digital protection summit. For one, hosting a digital summit around fraud detection shows Kount’s willingness to drive important conversations around cybersecurity best practices. More interestingly, it shows their ability to innovate in times where physical contact isn’t possible. 

Considering the above, it’s of no surprise that Kount was recognized by Business Intelligence Group with an AI Excellence Award in March 2020.

Sumo Logic

Self-proclaimed machine data nerds Sumo Logic provide cloud-based log management solutions to its clients. Sumo Logic’s platform is designed to reduce resources spent on security investigation so that customers can invest their time in more important projects. 

Sumo Logic has approached the problems posed by COVID-19 by launching the Mindset Reset podcast series with New York Times’ bestselling author, Shawn Achor. Mindset Reset discusses the importance of social distancing and finding ways to manage stress during quarantine. 

Sumo Logic has also given away several free analytics solutions for businesses trying to effectively manage their network security. Moreover, Sumo Logic is offering its Continuous Intelligence Platform free of charge to all educational institutions, in attempts to ensure learning remains an uninterrupted process for students across the world.

The Bottom Line

Businesses across all industries are being forced to handle daily tasks and sensitive information on cloud-based networks, meaning they are more vulnerable to data breaches and cyber attacks. In the midst of COVID-19 then, there is a clear need for heightened cybersecurity. 

These 4 cybersecurity companies are maximizing the opportunity to provide real value to their customers at a time when they need it most. While their pragmatic approach has been successful, it’s their cybersecurity PR strategies that have caught the eye.

Top cybersecurity companies like these can be a blueprint for others looking to demonstrate their value to target audiences. Writing well-crafted press releases, launching multimedia content like podcasts, and hosting virtual events are actions of a cybersecurity company that’s intent on building meaningful relationships with potential customers, particularly in times of serious pressure.


Fraser Gillies

Fraser has been working in the digital communications space for four years. Currently the Head of Revenue at Publicize, he is leading a team of talented content creators to build powerful tech narratives that engage, educate and entertain audiences.