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How To Meet Mobile Journalists


Meeting journalists in person is the next step in building long term relationships in the media realm. Making an investment of time and money in meeting journalists can give you back much more. Here are some ways that you can meet mobile reporters:

Attend media events


The best and easiest way to meet reporters is by attending events media companies host. Many journalists attend these events and it can be a great way to casually meet them in person and get to know their beats.


Learn more about events where you can meet journalists:


VentureBeat Events – VB hosts the annual Mobilebeat Event that discusses the future of mobile

Startup Digest – Keeps you up to date with tech events around the world

TechCrunch Events – Events hosted by the largest tech media publication


Connect with Mobile Journalists through referrals


Another way to contact journalists is through the referral or introduction of a mutual friend. Social media sites and linkedin, in particular, are extremely effective in finding out who you can be introduced to by looking at mutual connections.


Ask your mutual friends to introduce you or simply email the journalist with a headline stating you got referred to talk to a particular journalist on a specific topic by a mutual friend.


Connect through social media


Most journalists use social media to share articles, views, and perspectives. Many even have personal blogs that better reflect the interests of the journalist. Following the journalist on twitter, facebook, and any other social media will put you on the journalist’s radar.


Journalists also really appreciate it when you share their articles on twitter or post a positive comment on an article of theirs. The comment can be as simple as “Enjoyed your article and really agreed with you about the social e-commerce trend.” Small details like those show the journalist you share similar interests, and take the time to read his or her work.


These details help establish name recognition and will also make the journalist more receptive to pitches from you.


Additional Notes On Contacting Reporters

  1. Under no circumstance is it a good idea to email a journalist with an open ended question that requires a long response.

  3. If you do not know the journalist personally, do not immediately ask to meet for coffee. Coffee takes more than 30 minutes and disrupts a person’s day.

  5. The best way to connect with journalists is to show that you understand that their time is valuable and that although you would like to meet, you do not want to be a burden.

Here is the email I wrote Steve Cheney, who was a contributing writer at TechCrunch: “I know you are very busy so I don’t want to take your time to grab a coffee, but I’m pretty involved in the NYC entrepreneurial scene and if you’re planning on attending an upcoming event in the future, it’d be great to hear just so I could introduce myself in person. Hope to keep in touch and best wishes Steve.”  Fortunately for me, Steve responded and proposed that we grab coffee the next day.


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