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We stimulate conversation around the integration of technology in the learning process, and challenge educational convention

At Publicize, we develop communication and edtech PR solutions focused on growing edtech companies’ digital footprint. We use custom-engineered digital PR tactics to develop edtech brand awareness and generate greater reach to our edtech client’s target audience.

Publicize team is willing to go the extra mile beyond the tactics they provide

“Within two months of working with Publicize, we have already seen our first business goals start to materialize – to spark new conversations with prospects and investors through media coverage. Our prestige as an organization has increased significantly with people saying that they’ve seen us in the news and in social media. Beyond this success, however, the greatest value has been that the Publicize team is willing to go the extra mile to assist us beyond the tactics that they provide. We view them as a key member of the senior exec team of Ziotag.”

Jeffrey Paul, CEO & Co-Founder at Ziotag

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Edtech Influencers and Media Outlets

Our editorial and outreach teams hold strong relationships with key influencers within the education industry. This includes journalists, reporters and editors across a large and diverse range of top tier and niche media outlets. Here are just some of the publications we’ve won media coverage in, on behalf of our edtech clients:

Edtech media relations

Manage your image with your target market with our education media relations service.

Tech publications & mainstream press

Reach beyond the Edtech community and attract new markets by winning media coverage in wider tech and mainstream publications.

Edtech SEO & content marketing

Reach new markets and find people looking for your product by combining your PR and SEO strategies.

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