E-commerce Developer

Our efforts to increase the company’s brand exposure on selected outlets won over 2 features every month in industry-relevant publications over the course of a calendar year. 

This publicity caught the attention of one of the superpowers of martech, leading to the company’s acquisition. The developer has since become an important arm of one of the world’s most famous martech service providers.


The Client

An e-commerce developer reached out to Publicize in January 2020. As a tech startup striving to make the modern web storefront customizable it had been looking to augment visibility around the benefits of front-end as a service to retailers since day one.


The Challenge

The company tasked us with educating e-commerce influencers on how it makes digital CX innovative, hoping to build enough presence and gravitas to attract significant investment from an established tech corporation. All of this needed to be delivered under serious financial constraints. 

As the concept was (and still is) new to the e-commerce industry, the company needed Publicize to distill a technically complex topic into an accessible and powerful narrative to its target audience.  


The Solution

Our strategy for getting exposure to the right investor was two-pronged: 

The first was making the right people aware that the business’ existed. Since the company was a first-mover in the e-commerce developer space, we needed to heighten the business’ brand and service awareness to e-commerce and tech communities by winning features in prominent tech media outlets.

The second was demonstrating the company’s capabilities and what made its flexible front-end solution special. Our account management team identified that e-commerce influencers needed to see use cases and the business’ expertise in the digital CX area. To achieve this, we adopted a concentrated earned media strategy that focused on pitching thought leadership pieces to select editors from industry-specific publications.

While it wasn’t hard to catch journalist eyes with a new concept, the company’s passion for its product made crafting its thoughts into a compelling story simple, winning the company the valuable media coverage it deserved.

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