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How We’ve Grown Sygic’s US Media Exposure

Here at Publicize, we’re dedicated to providing effective exposure PR for startups. Over the last two years, Sygic has used our services to help boost its public profile in the US. This is how we did it.


The Client

Sygic is a GPS navigation software developer that was founded in 2004. It was the first company to produce a turn-by-turn navigation system for smartphones in 2009. The company has since developed its services to include offline maps, live traffic reports, voice navigation, augmented reality, police radar/speed camera warnings, parking information, gas price suggestions and alcohol testing.


The Problem

Sygic was already a large, well-established company when it joined Publicize in 2016, so the focus was on developing a comprehensive and strategic media plan to match its size and ambition. The company was already getting consistent press coverage in Europe, but the leadership team were conscious that they would be unable to achieve their business objectives without getting consistent media exposure in the US. Therefore their main goal when reaching out to us was to gain positive media across both mainstream tech and news publications throughout the US.


The Solution

With our help, Sygic’s leadership team was able to successfully establish its target audience, exposure PR objectives and important upcoming announcements. This formed the foundation from which we were able to develop a flexible, long-term PR strategy that would deliver their goals.

The strategy focused on two key areas; developing a regular press release schedule to broadcast the company’s important milestone announcements, and authoring regular guest articles with the aim of positioning Sygic as a thought-leader within the automotive and business worlds. Our expert PR team aimed their editorial outreach towards major US tech and business publications. In addition to these main targets, the team also won earned media exposure in specialist titles within the automotive, navigation, smartphone, travel and transport industries.


The Results

Since joining Publicize in 2016, Sygic has gone on to be featured in a wide variety of US publications. This media coverage has included leading tech publications such as The Verge and TechCrunch, which has generated a huge audience share for the client. A complete list of publications and articles is provided at the bottom of the page.

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