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This is How We’ve Established Arrivedo’s Brand With Our Long Term Relationship

Arrivedo approached Publicize as it needed a multilingual PR company to help it reach its target markets across North & Latin America and Europe. This is how our long term relationship helped to deliver those objectives.


The Client

Arrivedo is the first online tourism platform with curated content of things to do around hotels. The San Francisco and Lima based multilingual company takes expert local recommendations from hoteliers, writers and guests. It then turns these into interactive Neighborhood Guides for every hotel in the world. This allows hotel guests to experience their destination just like a local. While at the same time also providing hotels with unique content marketing resources.


The Challenge

Arrivedo first approached Publicize in 2015 as the team wanted help launching the brand across the North & Latin American and European markets. As breaking into new markets requires sustained effort and investment over a long period of time, finding a PR company they could build a long term relationship with was vital.

Another key requirement was finding an agency with in-house English and Spanish writing, outreach and account management resources.

Once Arrivedo gained a foothold in its core markets, the brief shifted from brand and reputation building, to product education and awareness. The team then needed to educate industry decision


The Solution

By understanding Arrivedo’s objectives, we were able to plan and execute media strategies based around 12 month time frames. This longer term approach enabled us to lay the foundations required to establish the brand. We were then able to build upon this to deliver other objectives. This is what we delivered with this approach:

– Throughout the first six months, our PR company built relationships with industry specific publications across key markets. This enabled us to regularly win earned media via announcements and thought leadership campaigns, helping us to grow brand awareness. The narrative we built explained how Arrivedo’s platform helps hotels to be better hosts. And this enables hotels to compete with Airbnb’s message of “belong anywhere”.

– Having grown Arrivedo’s share of voice during the first six months, the media strategy shifted towards educating decision makers on the benefits the platform offered. We delivered this by working on new B2B messaging that focused on the guest experience that the platform delivers. We also highlighted the technical benefits such as API integration and White Label Solutions. This narrative was then broadcasted through earned media wins.

– As Arrivedo has expanded and its online tourism platform has also grown in functionality throughout the three years of our partnership, we’ve continued to evolve our PR strategy. We’ve supported this via numerous campaigns where we’ve continued to build awareness and educate decision makers. This has included media outreach and video production.

– Also, as we operate a multilingual client services department, we have been able to provide native English and Spanish language services to Arrivedo as part of our standard plan.



Our long term multilingual media strategy has earned Arrivedo articles and mentions on a rolling monthly basis. This has focused primarily on B2B industry publications. Here are some of the articles that the company has been featured in within the last 12 months:

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